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3D Thursday 9 – An Idea Hatches!

Ok, don’t get in a flap, I will get onto the decorating bit in a mo however as I was letting all of the paint layers on the top dry when I decided that the base was a little under-dressed so I went back to 3D Builder and sliced down the same panel that I had used for the top and added some edges …

3d Printed Box Top Using CoLiDo 3d Printer (11)

… and then printed four of these and four more of the little swags that I had used around the top edge.

Now, I had run out of white filament so all of these were printed in black. Hoping that gesso will be my saviour!

As one final and a rather opulent touch, I rummaged through the bit box and found some box feet from Tim Holtz that I had squirrelled away for a time that was right, and this was the time that was right.

Pinflair Glue gel stuck the lot in place and some elastic bands kept it all secure whilst the glue was drying.

A couple of coats of gesso later and I’m thinking that I may need slightly smoother covering power…

3d Printed Box Top Using CoLiDo 3d Printer (13)

So, as it was raining outside, it was out with the make-shift spray booth using the kitchen extractor fan so that I could use my Liquitex Acrylic Spray Paints.

3d Printed Box Top Using CoLiDo 3d Printer (22)

3d Printed Box Top Using CoLiDo 3d Printer (23)

I reckon that did the trick!

3d Printed Box Top Using CoLiDo 3d Printer (25)

Now, I would love to show you the next steps however at this point I had to put this project to one side and pick up on some work that was becoming due so, as with all good cliffhangers, I will see you in the same blog space and at the same time next week for Part 2!

If you would like to know more about the CoLiDo 3D Printers, please do head over to Create and Craft TV.

Hope you are enjoying this one so far and will send in your thoughts on how you would decorate – mostly because I need some ideas! Lol.

See you again next week.

J :)

13 thoughts on “3D Thursday 9 – An Idea Hatches!

  1. Wow this looks amazing!! What a famtastic gift for someone special. Isn’t it wonderful what we can male on our own homes these days.I wish these gadgets were available when I was younger! Looking forward to the next installment to see your project finished.

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