Gentleman Crafter TV 1 GoPress Hotfoil and Letter Press System

GCTV 1 – The GoPress And Hotfoil System

Well excited about this blog post as it sees episode 1 of GCTV – Gentleman Crafter TV – go out on YouTube!

Hoping to create a video each week so that we can have some time together – cute, eh?

Anyway, this week’s episode is about my first go with the GoPress and Foil system which is a way of doing hotfoiling and letterpressing with most major brands of die cutting machine – how blooming exciting is that?!

I will be demonstrating this on Create and Craft TV later today – Saturday 8th July, 2017 – and of course will be featuring things that I’ve made with it in future blog posts and videos.

If you would like to get one, you can visit and nab yours today.

In the meantime, here is episode 1 of GCTV – enjoy!

12 thoughts on “GCTV 1 – The GoPress And Hotfoil System

  1. Hi John, I (my hubby liked it so much) bought the go press and foil, I’m just wondering, as it doesn’t use the foils that I use with a hot laminator, will the Todo or any other foils work with this machine?

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  2. Great start John, looks easier than my TODO which I am still working on without too much success. Your craft room looks great, it is your space.

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  3. That room of yours, is that what English people call spacious? You can’t even swing a cat around,
    This is the about the size of my pantry.

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