Scan It Saturday 7 Designing An Art Deco Frame In Scan N Cut Canvas

Scan It Saturday 7 – Designing An Art Deco Frame From Scratch In Scan N Cut Canvas

Hello again and welcome back to another Scan It Saturday. This week I have taken one of the requests from last week and created a quick tutorial based around that.

The request came from Jean-Marie Penny and Jean-Marie asked if I could show how to make an art deco frame.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you have any requests, please do pop them in the comments section below.

See you again soon.

J :)

18 thoughts on “Scan It Saturday 7 – Designing An Art Deco Frame From Scratch In Scan N Cut Canvas

  1. Wow….of course its easy when you know how
    : ) it is one of those this GS where you need to sort out your thinking…perceive the end result in terms of shapes, parts of shapes and achieving those shapes from line or space …or positives and negatives… and then yes, the world is our lobster : )

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  2. Many thanks John another brilliant well explained tutorial. I just wanted to ask do you know of any issues with the Brother Scan and Cut where the cutting blade housing unit is moving whilst cutting. for example I set the cutting blade to the depth I require, say 4, but by the time it has finished cutting it is reading for example 3 or even less. Help and info appreciated :)


  3. Hi John just loved the frame. Can you tell me where I can get more foils for ANC, I’ve used the two that came with thefoiling kit.Thanks


  4. Loving your tutorials John I am not very technical minded but these look very easy to follow so will definately be trying these.


  5. John …you have an over active generous gland! Not only are you everywhere doing everything but now taking g requests!!! Fantastic, cheers!

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  6. thank you yet again John for your tutorial .I am going to try it in a few minutes. Could you do a tutorial on how to do a card with the front so that the flowers or patterns are cut out, and the front edge of the card is cut away following the design. I hope this makes sense I have tried doing this many times but can’t make it work

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  7. Thank you so much, John, I really appreciate this. I can now get on and finish my project. I look forward to seeing what everyone has asked for over the coming weeks.
    Crafty hugs xx

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  8. Hi Jonh
    Once again a great tutorial . I have learnt so much from these and without your help would have struggled to use the SNC canvas.

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  9. 👏👏👏 I learn so much from your videos John.
    Had double of you today … Watching this and you on cnc with the gofoil .
    Big HUGS
    ally X

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  10. Thank you for your weekly posts, today I tried to look at the tutorial but it has come up this video is private can you check please if there is a problem or not for everyone to view

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