All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Reet Nice Day Up North

Hello me old mukkaz, how’s tricks? Just popping in with another update on the All Counties Craft Challenge before I hit the road.

All Counties Challenge Header

Here is this weeks video summary of what Maisy and I have been up to …

5 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Reet Nice Day Up North

  1. Hi John

    Wish I had a magic carpet… Inspirations looks a wonderful place! First up, congratulations to all for the extra £330, a great effort I think. The cards were all lovely, the stamps and laser cuts are on my wish list. John, I think you need one of those selfie sticks 😉

    Had a rough week so your video provided some much needed sunshine to help shift those rotten clouds, thank you x

    Big hugs, T x


  2. Hey John, it’s obviously goin ok 👌, you’ve gone all Northern, hope you and the “bus” can’t remember her name, but that said, errrm! I can’t remember my cars name either. Keep us posted. Your doin great work. Px

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