Stylish Silhouettes 5

Well, well, well, they just keep on giving – those Stylish Silhouette gave me another idea for making a simply elegant card.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes

They say that less is more. In this case it really was!

Just four of the laser cut Stylish Silhouettes went in to making this card but wow what detail?!

Something different here other than just cutting and glueing as I had these pop up leaves on the trees. I used a pokey tool to push them forward – took a bit of time but they are so well cut that it was an easy job.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes

The postage stamp shape really sets this one off for me. Perfectly cut and worked so well with this purple/white colour scheme.

Hunkydory Stylish Silhouettes

So there you have it. A lovely simple design just using a few laser cut shapes – genius!

Hope you are enjoying this mini series of makes using the Stylish Silhouettes. If you have been inspired you should be able to get hold of some from the Create and Craft TV website.

Perhaps you could share some of your makes with me?

Must dash, more to make!

Catch you again soon.

J :)

4 thoughts on “Stylish Silhouettes 5

  1. Ohh that’s just beautiful John! It has an elegance about it.
    I agree … in this case, less is absolutely more.
    Fabulous make. ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Love it, sometimes at Christmas it’s hard to make tons of cards but I think with these it’d be easy to make lots of stunning designs. Would be nice not to feel the need to throw my whole craft room at each card I make, these laser cuts are so well thought out you don’t need to.

    Hugs, T x

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