Mixed Media Canvas 3.1

Trio Of Canvases – Part 3 – A Galaxy Far Far Away, Or Is It?

Today’s post concludes the trio of canvases that I created with the same materials.

It’s difficult to say for sure but I think this might just be my favourite.

As with the last two creations the starting point was covering the canvas in mod podge and then the kitchen towel.

This time though I didn’t move it around too much, I just worked in little wrinkles and ridges and let it set.

Mixed Media Canvas 3.3

Again, as before, I gave it a base coat of purple paint.

This time though I changed the way I applied the way that I applied the pearlescent paints by working flat rather than dribbling it.

I worked several layers of paint and toning glaze, spritzing each to ensure a good spread.

Mixed Media Canvas 3.4

To finish I darkened off the edges and dry brushed some gold paint over the ridges.

And that my friends was it.

Now for this one I didn’t work with a particular ‘scene’ in mind but I feel that I ended up with a pretty awesome interstellar Galaxy cloud!

Mixed Media Canvas 3.4

I’m told that this is quite relevant as a Brit recently went into space and there was a new movie out or something – *looks vacant and bemused*.

Anyway, I’ve still got Christmas to prepare for so I’d best crack on.

See you again soon :)

As ever, if you’ve any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Ciao for now!

J :)

5 thoughts on “Trio Of Canvases – Part 3 – A Galaxy Far Far Away, Or Is It?

  1. Beautiful John. I like this the best of the 3. You are very clever. I’d like to wish you a happy Christmas & all the very best for all your adventures in 2016.


  2. oh john definitely far far out and away! reminds me of a planet surface…sooo beautiful, so rich. Amazing keep up the good work! Have an arty Christmas John. Thanx God Bless.


  3. So sumptuous! I have been doing lots of different types of cards for a few years now and love all the thing us and gadgets. You are now tempting me to try things I have never even thought to do. Thanks for inspiring us all. Liz X


  4. Hello John, I really love this one, I love the all over texture and beautiful mix of colours, I could look at it for ages. As you mentioned, the ‘Galaxy’ feel very appropriate at present with Tim in Space and a certain film out! (I am going to see it on Sunday with grandchildren, that’s our excuse!). I shall think of your Galaxy while watching what Hollywood has to offer x


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