Artist Trading Card Daily - 131 - Earth 1.1

Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 131

So, I haven’t forgotten the little challenge that I set myself at the start of the year and so, whilst I don’t think that I’ll make it to 365 ATCs, I’ve still got quite a few that I need to share with you before the year is out.

Today will see four themed Artist Trading Cards depicting the elements, earth, air, fire and water.

To begin, I will say that I used some unusual combination of products in this ATC but was very excited about the results.

When I was younger I used to do some model making so I definately called on these skills on how to depict ‘earth’.

I started this one with a thick ATC base and applied a layer of filler. You may know Polyfilla but it was a cheapo version from Wilkos.

I also put a few blobs on a another piece of card and let this dry overnight.

When I came to decorate it I first glued chippings from the spare filler blobs with some PVA glue. These were to be larger stones.

The first layer of colour was a mid brown acrylic paint over which I applied a thin dark glaze.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 131 - Earth 1.1

I did a couple more layers of this paint combo but when that was done it was a little ‘flat’ and I thought that I needed some finer texture in the design.

Bizarrely there was very little that I could use in my stash so I had to get creative. I did a test using some white Flowersoft which I mixed with a little PVA and brown acrylic paint.

Flower Soft Texture Test

That worked well so applied this in small areas.

I then let the whole thing dry overnight again.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 131 - Earth 1.3

To finish I dry-brushed some light buff acrylic paint over the design to pick out the tips of the rocks and stones.

And that was it all done!

Artist Trading Card Daily - 131 - Earth 1.2

Very proud of this one. I was genuinely happy with the representation of the theme for this one.

What do you think? Did I make it?

Anyway, next up will be ‘air’. How does one represent something that is invisible?

For now though I must crack on but as always, if you would like to leave any comments or questions about this post, please feel free to jot them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again later.

J :)

3 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 131

  1. Fantastic. I bet it was fun too!!! You have done very well with your ATCs and I am impressed that you have got so many made. I hope your new business is going well.
    X Chris


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