Brother Scan N Cut Screen Shot - Pre-Insalled Shapes

Brother Scan N Cut – CM700 Launch + Updates For The CM600

Now, I have to say that I don’t know a huge amount about the new Brother Scan N Cut CM700 model however if the machine is something that you have been curious about then today is the day that you can find out more.

Also a new software release has been announced for CM600 users – it really is all going on in the world of Brother today.

First, lets talk about the CM700 launch.

The Scan N Cut CM700 will be appearing on Create and Craft TV today with Martyn Parker – from the schedule it looks like the first show is at Midday today, (Friday 18th December).

So, what’s new?

Well, according to the Create and Craft TV website, this new model comes with a range of added features and extras not currently accessible to the CM600 users.

In brief these are:

  • Additional built in fonts.
  • 12″ x 24″ on Greyscale or RGB Colour modes
  • 12″ x 24″ cutting capability on Direct Cut (outline cuts) & Fabric Cut modes (includes seam allowances)
  • Direct computer connectivity via a USB port.
  • Built-in wireless LAN – easily connect wirelessly to the ScanNCut Canvas App

There are some videos on the Create and Craft TV website that you can watch now to get a better idea of what’s new however the first show airs at Midday, so it would be worth tuning in for that too if you can.

Before CM600 or CM300 users get a little tight around the chest Brother have also announced an update release that is said to make some of the new features (that have been installed on the CM700 machines) available to CM600 users.

I have had a look at the download section of the Brother website and it appears that Version 1.6 does indeed include a few of the new features including:

  • Default Setting of “Ignore Object Size” (From 1mm to 3mm)
  • Calibration (Adjusting the Scanning/Cutting Position) – previously a bit of a faff to achieve, now more accessible.
  • Import SVG files directly to the machine – hurrah!
  • Color Recognition Mode – hurrah!
  • Machine Information

If you would like to read about the full range of updated features then there is a PDF document explaining the updates, to see this, just visit

To download the update for the CM600, just visit

To download the update for the CM300, just visit

So, it’s onwards and upwards for the Scan N Cut.

Personally I am eagerly awaiting the Universal Pen Holder which was announced earlier in the year.

Ok, it was just a quickie to let you know about this news – thanks for reading and I will see you all again later with another canvas (mixed media) creation.

Have a good day!

J :)

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