Brother Scan N Cut – CM700 Launch + Updates For The CM600

December 18, 2015 — 50 Comments

Now, I have to say that I don’t know a huge amount about the new Brother Scan N Cut CM700 model however if the machine is something that you have been curious about then today is the day that you can find out more.

Also a new software release has been announced for CM600 users – it really is all going on in the world of Brother today.

First, lets talk about the CM700 launch.

The Scan N Cut CM700 will be appearing on Create and Craft TV today with Mel Heaton and Martyn Parker – from the schedule it looks like the first show is at Midday today, (Friday 18th December).

So, what’s new?

Well, according to the Create and Craft TV website, this new model comes with a range of added features and extras not currently accessible to the CM600 users.

In brief these are:

  • Additional built in fonts.
  • 12″ x 24″ on Greyscale or RGB Colour modes
  • 12″ x 24″ cutting capability on Direct Cut (outline cuts) & Fabric Cut modes (includes seam allowances)
  • Direct computer connectivity via a USB port.
  • Built-in wireless LAN – easily connect wirelessly to the ScanNCut Canvas App

There are some videos on the Create and Craft TV website that you can watch now to get a better idea of what’s new however the first show airs at Midday, so it would be worth tuning in for that too if you can.

Before CM600 or CM300 users get a little tight around the chest Brother have also announced an update release that is said to make some of the new features (that have been installed on the CM700 machines) available to CM600 users.

I have had a look at the download section of the Brother website and it appears that Version 1.6 does indeed include a few of the new features including:

  • Default Setting of “Ignore Object Size” (From 1mm to 3mm)
  • Calibration (Adjusting the Scanning/Cutting Position) – previously a bit of a faff to achieve, now more accessible.
  • Import SVG files directly to the machine – hurrah!
  • Color Recognition Mode – hurrah!
  • Machine Information

If you would like to read about the full range of updated features then there is a PDF document explaining the updates, to see this, just visit

To download the update for the CM600, just visit

To download the update for the CM300, just visit

So, it’s onwards and upwards for the Scan N Cut.

Personally I am eagerly awaiting the Universal Pen Holder which was announced earlier in the year – I’ve even hunted through American websites but can’t find it anywhere – if you see it, do let me know :)


I have been provided with two links to overseas retailers that are currently selling the universal pen holder and are happy to ship to the UK.

Postage is quite pricey from what I can see and it is unclear if these imports would attract the post office international handling charge or any import duties.

Also, I haven’t used either of these shops so can’t comment on their customer service etc but for those that are willing to take the risk, here are the links:

In all fairness, January isn’t that far away so I could probably wait another couple of weeks until it (hopefully) arrives in the UK.

Ok, it was just a quickie to let you know about this news – thanks for reading and I will see you all again later with another canvas (mixed media) creation.

Have a good day!

J :)


50 responses to Brother Scan N Cut – CM700 Launch + Updates For The CM600


    Will the USA be able to buy either the 600 or 900



    Well done with the undate, as I do not want to change my machine yet.

    Liked by 1 person


    can anyone please tell me the difference between the scan n cutCM110 & scan n cut CM 700 would really appreciate


    Debra McDonald April 6, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Can anyone help please, I have just bought a brother CM300 ,downloaded updates onto a brand new USB switched the machine on and nothing comes onto the screen ,it lights up but nothing else ,it won’t even switch off by the on/off button . Does anyone have any ideas please ,I was so looking forward to trying this new “toy” out .
    Desperate Debs



    Hi, we have a brand new memory stick, one checked as compatible with Brother, have downloaded the update, nothing else on it, put the memory stick in the san n cut but then nothing seems to have happened – any help much appreciated – getting frustrating now !
    Thank you in anticipation……..



    Hi all, found your site when searching for information, bought a CM700 when it was launched because it was stated that although it didn’t support PES embroidery files at present time, an update would be available, (i have a brother embroidery machine) barely 4 weeks later the CM900 was launched with this PES reading capability built in. I should have waited! On top of that when i contacted create and craft I received a phone call from Brother and they stated that they have no plans to offer this upgrade, has anyone heard anything about this?
    Thanks all.



    hi john thanks for keeping us in the loop, I have tried to update but it will not go on my USB new) I have done all the agree bit it just will not update I have the CM600



      Hi, if it’s a new USB and nothing is on it, you can try formatting it first then try again. It does need to be a blank USB. Hope that helps, liz



    Hi John thanks for keeping us in the loop alas I have been trying for hours true, but I cannot download the updates for my 600 on to my USB NEW ONE please can you help, I get to the agree bit and what to do but will not update it

    Kind Regards Joan



    What about the CM250? Gail




    I really love my machines – one for home and one for away – and am very happy to have updates. When I bought them I was worried about them becoming outdated but the updates so far have been great. It’s good to have new machines being produced but fantastic that Brother don’t let their older customers down by providing them with all the new updates. I can’t think of another product where this happens. I still haven’t tried Canvas but am trying to pluck up courage. For Christmas last year my friend bought me the rhinestone kit and to use that you have to go onto Canvas but I am worried about trying it in case I mess up. Perhaps I will get there this year. Liz X



    Hi John Help please I have looking to get a USB stick to download the new updates for my CM300 which usb can I used looked on Brother site no list I pretty sure you had a list a while ago help please Cheers Di
    Thanks for all the information and dates and SVG projects you keep sending Brilliant



    Pen holder will ne in UK Jan. Its been a long time coming.



    thanks for the email, got the update for the 300 and have installed with no problem. Your help is much apprciated. Off to play now!



    Hi john, thanks for the updates etc. I have the 300, bought just a couple of months ago, is there no updates for the 300 then, I can’t see any???



    …….Amazon is one of the many now carrying the universal pen holder.



    Hi John, have just ordered a Universal Pen Holder on e bay, from America and works out about £23.77 shipped. Will have to wait until between 2nd Jan to 11th Jan. Cannot wait, and have done the latest update for my CM600



    Thank you John for the info have already downloaded and started on the new updated version and am impressed with it so far. Especially the colour differentials for cutting now



    Thanks John, when at the nec I chatted to the buyer for cc (I was told that was his role) and asked him re scanncut 2 he told me that it would be on cc in january from cha now does this mean they have altered the launch date OR will they be releasing the cm900 from cha in january (would much rather have this one) – just wondered



      Sadly not privy to that info having left my job in August. I’m sure there are others who would like to know though.
      J :)



        I know xx ahh well lets see what the new yr brings eh, with the great update we have just had I think I can wait until the model I want becomes available Have a Great Christmas John and I know you are going to have an amazing year next year xxx



    Thank you for all the info, John. You are a star! xxx



    Wonderful help to have your opinion and links. Thankyou.



    Hi John thanks for telling us about new Scan n Cut and updates for other machine where would we be without your help Cheers Chrissy



    Pam – great news can you please share the universal pen link here please!!



    Brilliant!! Thank you so much for info John…saved me searching for it ;-)



    I keep a seperate stick just for updates. Doesn’t need to have a lot of memory, and can be bought fairly cheaply. The machine will not take the update if there is anything else on the stick..



    Hi John, exciting news about the new updates. I have struck up an email friendship with a lady who owns a craft shop in Huntington Beach , California. She has been trying to get me the universal pen holder for several weeks now. Apparently she is in the queue, and will send it to me as on as it arrives. Like you, I can’t wait. My son occasionally works close to the shop, and went there to purchase some wr memory keepers items. Whilst he was there, he facetimed and handed the phone to the owner. We had a long chat and she showed me around her beautiful shop. Since then we have emailed fairly regularly and struck up a crafting friendship. She has very kindly offered to send me lots of brochures from the CHA. She said they have lots of ideas, and it’s interesting to see all the new products that are coming out. I bought the cinch from her, and as a present she sent me the journal kit. I sent photos of the finished product, and we have gone on from there. I also craft all day every Saturday with a friend who lives in Guernsey. I live in the south west of France. We FaceTime and craft together. I wonder if anyone else does this. Be interesting to find out. We could start an e-craft club…ha ha!!!



    Thanks John I have the new pen holder I brought on Amzon about a week ago it was a company in England selling them.



    Hi John, exciting times indeed. The new updates for the cm600 are awesome, I downloaded them yesterday and tried the new features out .. fab! I am also impatiently awaiting the universal pen holder. I saw it on but not sure about the complications of ordering from the USA .. re import duty etc. I understand it is being launched at the CSA in January so will hopefully be available from C&C at that point.



    Thank you so much for this information was feeling a bit let down when I first heard about the new machine but so happy with what you have said about the updates, my problem however is my machine is still at its origal way as I don’t seem to be able to do the updates have tried, when I put my USB in my lap top and go through what is being said does come up updates complete but when I put my USB in to my ScanNCut nothing happens


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