Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 7

A Little Play Time And A Fancy Shaped Card

Ooo, I do like a bit of fancy every now and then. Don’t you?

Anyway, I’ve been designing things for weeks and haven’t even given me the time to make something with it – how crazy is that?!

I even started thinking that I might have forgotten how to make a card! lol (never).

So I decided to ‘award’ myself some play time today and have a go at making something with one of the designs that I have been creating for my shop.

I have to say that I am pretty proud of what I came up with!

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 3

The card started with the Art Nouveau Fancy Flourish Layered Card set

I cut all of the bits and bobs out and assembled them together.

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 1

Here’s a closer look at the layers.

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 2

I then stamped out an ‘I Love You’ sentiment onto milk card stock using mini alphabet stamps and Memento ink.

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 7

The bountiful bouquet was created by forming a range of quilled flowers and leaves from coordinating card stock and paper.

It was all glued into place using Pinflair glue gel to ensure that it stayed lush and bushy.

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 6

… bish, bash, bosh – job done!

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 5

What do you think – pretty isn’t it?

Anyway – I’ve got some line art to crack on with – hope you liked this little creation and I’ll see you again soon…


J :)

20 thoughts on “A Little Play Time And A Fancy Shaped Card

  1. Love your card especially the shape it’s so different must go and buy the file now. Don’t work too hard John but then do as we benefit from it hahahahah


  2. Love this card John. Well Done! Don’t work too hard – remember all work & no play make Jack a dull boy!!! LOL!!!

    Happy crafting


  3. Hi card great thanks for resending files look forward to video on how to download and not loose my files. I save then in my Craftman folder but last lost didn’t go there. Thanks to you got them now. I really want the layered ones you made your brill card too. If I cant download them would you send them to me please if file not too large. I have Windows 8.1 Cheers Chrissy

    Chrissy 🌹


  4. Love the card and no you haven’t forgotten how to make cards. You need to always take time to make as well as design.


  5. Hi John
    Love the geo pattern well done I was going to buy the craft artist 2 from C&C but they sold out Maybe someone out there has got this that they are not using anf would like to sell it please can you pass this on for me
    Thanks Diane
    I got my Scan n Cut but im waiting for my new mat to arrive as I have made a mess of my original one and its not sticky any more Thanks


  6. Really lovely this. Who’d have thought it was just card. Never ceases to amaze me. What different looks you’d achieve with different colours too. Love it.


  7. Well done John, a beautiful card. Thank you so much for all the lovely fcm cutting files you are creating. Any chance of some beautiful flowers, like the ones on your card…pretty please.


  8. Very nice indeed John, and very inspiring 😃

    Having bought the ‘cogs’ cutting files from your shop today, I am looking forward to some inspiration on how to use them 😉 – I am impressed by them!!!


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