Flower Creation 4

A Floral Challenge

Watcha gang! :) So, after the floral card that I posted the other day I got a few requests to create some cutting files for flowers – so I’ve had a good old wrestle with the computer and cutting machine and created not one, but three sets of floral designs for you!

*mops brow*

Here is a quick image of the card from the post that inspired the requests.

Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 3 Art Nouveau Layered Front Shaped Card - 6

Still loving that one – anyway, as I mentioned I had a good old think and do session, testing the flowers this very morn!

Flower Creation Test Cut

I also had a little play at shaping and creating them too.

Flower Creation Test Cut 2

And then, in order to get some images to upload to the product pages on the Digital Craft Emporium for some reason I started treating the flowers like catwalk models and trying to get some artsy shots of them – well, I do like photography – cue the boy band style shots of paper flowers – Lol!

Flower Creation 1

And now, how about a little floral love…

Flower Creation 2 Flower Creation 3

To the left a bit, right a bit – there darling – you’re looking lovely!

Flower Creation 7 Flower Creation 8

Time for a close up!

Flower Creation 9

Oi, you at the back, go see the stylist, your hair is all standing up like a loo brush!

Flower Creation 6

Anyway, I am sure that my sanity returned at some point as I am now here typing this post for you to read (and laugh at my sillyness).

I did manage to create a bit of a combo flower in amongst all of  this nonsense too …

Flower Creation 4

Can’t beat a bit of gingham :)

On a serious note, if you would like to get any of these floral sets then please do head over to …


Link To Digital Craft Emporium


Anyway, that was what I have been up to – how about you? Getting creative lately?

Many thanks for popping by – sorry I ran out of biccies, I’d best go re-stock now.

Take care – see you again soon.

J :)

13 thoughts on “A Floral Challenge

  1. The flowers are fab and you really make me laugh, I love your sense of humour. Not long had the SNC and just got to grips with it, now I need to watch your canvas tutorials to see how to download svg files etc as I’m a bit of technophobe but am determined to get on with it.
    Thanks for all your hints and tips


  2. Love these! I have just purchased them and can’t wait to finish work to try them out. 5.30pm seems such a long way away. I agree with Sheryl maybe some different leaf shapes to go with them pleeeeese!x


  3. Hi John, your cutting files are brilliant, love the flowers, the different petal shapes are fab. Waiting for payday to come so I can go spending in your shop. Thank you. Take care. Bx


  4. Hi John

    Good job. Saving your emails to go on a social media sharing rampage when I’m tired or snowed under! I made soe of my own floral files awhile ago, waiting til I’m up to a play to see how they turned out as until they’re cut and shaped you don’t know what you’re going to get!


    T x


  5. Fantastic! Are there any tutorials on how to draw on brother canvas? Could really do with some ballerinas in different poses, male and female if poss, please, thank you! Right, I’m off to the craft emporium….


  6. John, you are an absolute star…thank you so much. Didn’t expect such a prompt response to my request. I’m just waiting for my second replacement scan ‘n cut machine to arrive, then I’m going to have a spending spree in your shop….can’t wait. I love the word sets, so useful. Would you like some more suggestions for cutting files, as I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around in my head….ha ha!!!! How about some nice leafy flourishes to go with the flowers, or am I pushing my luck. X


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