Line Art – Sold!

I’ve been over the moon this week as my first piece of artwork has been listed … and sold!

I’m already working on number 2 :)

I’m sure that you all know about line art so I won’t bore you with a lengthy description but when I had completed a recent work I decided, now that I am a freelance [insert today’s job title here], that I would list it for sale thinking that it would be around for a while – but no, it sold that very same day!

How chuffed and excited was I?! (Answer = very!)

Anyway, spurred on by this exciting event I am already working on a second design.

This time it will involve coloured shading and has a dimensional basket weave pattern.

(forgive the quality of the first couple of photos as I was doing this late at night…)

Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 1
Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 1

There’s a lot of line plotting in this one!

Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 2
Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 2

Inking the design in takes a steady hand and some intense concentration!

Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 3
Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 3

Few! Made it…

And now for some shading.

I’m working on Bristol Board this time as it gives such lovely crisp white base and aids superb blendability to the pencils.

Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 4
Line Art Doodle by John Bloodworth 4

Number two design is currently spoken for but there will be more in the future I’m sure.

Anyway, that’s some of what has been going on in my world this week – just thought that I would share.

Hope you’ve had a good week too :)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon.

J :)

15 thoughts on “Line Art – Sold!

  1. Wow you are so clever. I really admire anyone with artistic flair. I love looking at all your work, and have bought SVG files from your site. I haven’t an artistic bone in my body, but I’m a great copier! So keep all the wonderful stuff coming. Lois


  2. John,

    I told you it would sell as its a fantastic piece of art, congratulations to you.
    I wish I had just 10% of your talent. Keep up with the wonderful work you do.

    Best wishes
    Mandy xx


  3. Congratulations John!

    Sure the second piece will be as, if not more stunning than the first. I love working on Bristol board too, recommend it to anyone! Also it’s pretty good with markers too so it works for my budget.

    Will share your steampunk cogs post later today, promise!

    Hugs, T


  4. that is so awesome. I had a friend many years ago that used to do these and sell them in NYC. Time consuming relaxation :)


  5. Congratulations John! The first of many pieces I have no doubt. It was lovely so no surprise it sold immediately.



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