Artist Trading Card Daily – 38

February 7, 2015 — 31 Comments

Well, I did something today that I haven’t done in nearly a year – I went on a date!

I was a bag of jibbering nerves …

I’m pleased to say however that I didn’t make a fool of myself and the conversation flowed nicely. In fact the time flew!

As many of you know though, now it’s a waiting game – will he call to make a second date?!

That my dear readers is what inspired today’s artist trading card.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 38.1

The telephone image was a free cover stamp from Craft Stamper magazine.

I stamped this out onto Neenah cardstock with a black archival inkpad. I made a post it note mask from the second generation ink and popped this over the telephone.

Versacolor pigment inkpads were then used to brush over the blush pink and light blue colours around the edges.

After peeling off the masks I coloured the telephone in with a metallic marker and then applied some smeary blobs of glitter glue.

As this dried I also used some Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA Glue in order to create the buttons on the dial. When these had dried I flood filled that area with some Diamond Glaze.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 38.4

The final touch was the lettering. I used mini alphabet stamps but, knowing that I would get it wonky if I tried to stamp in a straight line (as my arms are aching from the exercise session that I did yesterday) I chose to do a deliberately quizzical jaunty angle to the phrase.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 38.3

I then layered it onto some cardstock (I didn’t have any textured gold so I used some of the same sheet as the pink but coloured it with the metallic marker – clever eh?)

And that, my dear friends, was that!

Anyway, I’m off to sit by the phone and twiddle my thumbs.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, please feel free to leave them below.

Thank you for visiting and I’ll see you tomorrow evening for another Artist Trading Card Daily post.

J :)

31 responses to Artist Trading Card Daily – 38


    Beautiful card as always John – love the colour blending and the way you’ve done the buttons and the dial. The smeary blobs of glitter glue give the telephone real dimension … brilliant x
    PS. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet John …………………………. !

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    Great ATC – love the effect you’ve created on the phone. Hope you get a call soon, and if not ring him! My partner lost my number after our first date, and if my friend hadn’t made me call him I would have lost out on almost 9 years of happiness!! Susan x



    hi John
    I am a little late viewing your lovely ATC ( Internet problems) I do so wish I could get the hang of these little treasures. I love how you have coloured the phone and the dimension you have created on the dial. Give your date a call, he is probably feeling the same as you.
    X Chris

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    Bridget Gillings February 8, 2015 at 9:29 am

    Hi John, this is really cute, good luck, hope it is soon. Bx

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    P.S. I prefer the telephone cord you have put on your card to the curly one on the SVG. Well done, love and light Sioux x

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    What a brilliant card John. It looks so simples, but you put in such a lot of effort, I wish I was even a fraction as talented. I really look forward to your daily ATC post. Love and Light Sioux x

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    Love reading all your posts, especially this one – hope the call comes soon xx.


    Theresa Goodwin February 8, 2015 at 1:56 am

    He will ring or you could take the initiative and ring him
    Go on faint heart and all that
    Lovely ATC by the way. Good luck keep us posted Tx



    woops – sorry that should be Card not ard!!! –



    Great ard – hope your going to send it to him – that would be a good nudge nudge wink wink eh! Hope he appreciates you and like said above if not – move on quickly – life is to short for sitting and thinking and waiting!!! good luck



    Great card! Ehy wait? – call your date! :-) x



    Hope you get all you deserve



    Good luck for the second date !



    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! It’s his loss if he doesn’t call.



    Hi John

    I hope he knows what a lucky fella he is to even get a date with you- handsome, talented, a real gentleman… If he has any sense he’ll ring… or you could call him?!

    All in all very apt ATC indeed!

    I think the best art is always created when the artist feels something about the topic they are portraying. I like art that has meaning to the person that created it.

    With hugs, and hoping you get a call soon!

    T x



    A good link to your day john and another great ATC



    A post script on my mailing – you both had a great time together but did you ever think that he might have been as anxious as you? Nothing lost by you calling him . . .



    If he doesn’t call he’s missing out on a fabulous fella. Glad you enjoyed yourself John, hope it works out for you xxx



    Another really beautiful ATC. This time your inspiration came from your heart – always the best place to start from. If there’s no call, don’t worry at all – his loss and, after breaking through that huge barrier, don’t wait – get dating again – have FUN!!! Life is too short to limit yourself unnecessarily X


    Christine in Bulgaria. February 7, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    Love it. X

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    lovely card which I’m sure he will like because we do, good luck xx

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    In the circumstances a very apt ATC!
    Think positve John …….. he’ll ring! :-) x

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    Hope you have heard from your date John if not it’s his loss

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    This looks very nice.. would make a lovely card too.
    Hope “he” won’t let you wait too long :-) Good luck.
    Greetings from Germany

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    John……call him!!!!!!….better still, send him the ATC!

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    Cute ATC. Fingers crossed for you x

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    Great ATC. Hope the phone rings soon!

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    Oh I hope he does call he’s a fool if he doesn’t ,your so worth it x

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    GoodLuck with the date x



    HopE your not kept waiting too long.

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