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Having had some Stampboard in my rubber stamping supplies for some time I thought that it was time that I put it to good use.

In this week’s Stamp It Sunday, I did just that and coupled it with some cool Stampscapes stamps to create a dreamy landscape. Continue Reading…

Halloooo you. Welcome to Part 2 of this 3 part series looking at the stamping grids that I have designed and that are available for free download.

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Halloooo you. During some recent TV shows I highlighted a way of using a lightbox with some printed grids to create pattern stamping designs and had a fair few questions on where you could get those print outs.

The ones that I used on the shows were very old and I created those a long time ago and don’t have the originals so have set about creating a whole new set for you to play with.

Over the next three Stamp It Sunday posts I will be sharing printable grids and design ideas for square designs, rectangular designs, oval designs and circular designs so I hope that you will continue to ‘tune in’ and take a look at these neat little helpers.

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Inkpad Overview

November 23, 2016 — 18 Comments

All inkpads generally have a starting point of either a water, oil or solvent base.

From these three starting points various inclusions are added to give different effects and get different results. Examples of inclusion are colours (dye or pigment) mica, glue and some bases have nothing added.

Finding the right inkpad for the job can therefore be a daunting affair.

To help you understand the difference, I’ve put together an explanation of each base type along with some tips, suggested brands and techniques. Continue Reading…