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Hey, how’s it going? If you follow me on social media you may have heard me waffle/moan about having a bit of a creative block recently. Sorry about that.

To clear my ‘channels’ I decided to go back to doing daily mini creative thingys. You know, random stuff.

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For today’s last Artist Trading Card post I have gone a little off-the-wall and headed down the mixed media experimental road.

It’s a road I veer down every now and again. Come with me if you like :)

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Dreams are a common thing among humans – but do electronic sheep dream?

I’m pretty sure that this is a quote from a book that was made into a film at some point, but I can’t guarantee it – in either case, it’s possibly got nothing to do with this Artist Trading Card Daily creation.

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A third post in one day?! It must be some kind of miracle, lol!

Anyway, on Sunday I was able to make a couple of scenery style ATCs with the set from Hobby Art so here is the second one.

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One more for the ATC365 challenge!

This time around it features a couple of different techniques.

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Artist Trading Card Daily 116

September 23, 2015 — 6 Comments

I managed a bit of making over the weekend and got back into some quick creations for the ATC challenge (that I am very behind on).

Today’s creation features some village scene woodmounted stamps from Hobby Art.

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This artist trading card daily challenge is genuinely one of the most fun things that I have ever embarked on.

Every time I sit down I have to look for new ways of doing things. This is really keeping my mojo going (and my craft room in a mess).

Anyway, here is ATC number 102 for your viewing pleasure.

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