Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 16

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags

Today I’ll be kicking off my Christmas projects (better late than never). These will be a collection of Christmas themed makes and handmade gifts that I have been working on recently.

This first one is a quick and easy range of gift tags that I have been experimenting with that I hope to adorn my handmade Christmas Gifts with.

They use very little in terms of materials but still gave me some freedom in how I decorated them.

The starting point for these tags was a simple shop bought (don’t shoot me) tag in brown manilla (kraft) card.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 1

The stamps that I chose to work with were from a free set that came with Issue 5 of Get Stamping magazine – I think that they have stopped publishing this now :(

Anyway, I got the bow stamp and used some Onyx Black Versafine ink to stamp this out. I used an acrylic block with a grid on to help me line it up – mostly because it’s so darn dark with the winter light at the moment – and I haven’t got around to fixing the ceiling light either yet, lol.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 2 Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 3

I used the second generation ink to stamp onto a post it not and then cut this out and popped it onto the design.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 4

On the set of stamps there was a strip stamp that had a similar pattern to the bow so I used this to stamp out a couple of strips to make it look as though this was ribbon wrapping itself around the tag.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 5

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 6

To give the design a little more dimension I used an IG1 Spectrum Noir marker to pop in some shadow.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 7

When it had dried it wasn’t quite dark enough so I added a bit of IG2 also.

I had noticed earlier that there were a few gaps in my stamping so I also used a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (which has the same colour/look of versafine) to fill in the gaps.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 8

I added the sentiment (one of my faves) which was also from the same set of stamps as the bow.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 9

To colour this tag I chose to used a cream acrylic paint and a fine (double zero) Cotman paintbrush.

I must admit that my hand isn’t as steady as it used to be so this was a bit of a challenge!

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 10

Ok, it wasn’t a bad job however there were a few places where I had wobbled outside of the lines so I reached for the PITT pen again and went over the black lines. The PITT pen is a waterproof lightfast indian ink so is super opaque and covers the acrylic paint well.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 11

As a tiny little finishing touch, and because you know I can’t resist the bling, I added a little gem onto the dot above the ‘i’ in nice.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 12

Well, I was happy with that one so I set about seeing what else would work as decoration for the bow and did a few testers …

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 17

There were various things there from Wink of Stellar pens to gold liner pens and various white paints.

I chose a couple of that I thought looked nice and made a couple more tags in a similar fashion to the earlier one but with a little variation in layout.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 13

There was one with a gold liner.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 14

One with gold liner AND wink of stellar.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 15

and the one that you saw earlier.

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 16

Ok, not a bad start. Just need to make a few more, along with all of the decorations that I have previously mentioned, more blog stuff ….. etc etc etc blather.

Hmmm, Christmas is getting a bit of a “to do” trauma. Maybe I should go round someone else’s house again this year – that’ll save a few jobs.

Lol, anyway, how are your Christmas preparations going? All sorted yet?

As I mentioned I will be trying to pop a Christmassy post on everyday up until Christmas so, if you are not in a mental rush trying to sort it all out, please do stop by.

Thanks for reading.

J :)

7 thoughts on “Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags

  1. Love the tags! I have been thinking of doing some tags so you have convinced me to get on with it. Regarding buying tags there is no law saying you have to make them as it leaves you with more time for the fun, creative process. Looking forward to your future posts on seasonal makes.


  2. Love the tags – with I had that stamp set! Will see if I can’t find another bow in my stash of stamps! Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a lovely artful way to transfer an ordinary label into something really special. Perhaps you could transfer the designs to brown packing paper to continue the theme on some of your parcels? Really like the idea and what a cost and time saving one too. Regards Pat GH


  4. Thank you for the tag idea, I am almost done with my Christmas preparations but am always looking for new ideas. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us, by the way, loved your tree, may have to get me one of those.


  5. Hi John I love the tags. A Christmas project every day what a treat and quite a challenge for you. Have fun. Hugs Jackie


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