A Christmas Quickie 3

A Christmas Quickie

Recently I picked up Issue 05 of ‘Get Stamping’ magazine at my local newsagents because I loved the look of the free set of clear stamps that came with it.

When a friend came down from Glasgow for a visit last week I realised that I hadn’t done my Christmas cards yet and wanted to give her the card while she was here.

I therefore put together a quick card to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Ok, Ok, I know that I should have done them by now, but listen, I rarely shop for presents until a week before Christmas day so having cards ready in November was going to be unlikely wasn’t it?

So, as I said, the stamps came from Issue 05 of ‘Get Stamping’ magazine – here is a quick image of the magazine and free stamps.

A Christmas Quickie - Get Stamping MagazineLooks good right?

I can see myself using these stamps beyond Christmas as there are a lot of adaptable images there from the gifts to the bow and also the coffee mug.

Anyway, you probably want to see the card that I made so here is a little photo gallery showing the card from various angles.

As you can see, it was quite a simple card and there weren’t really many techniques or stages involved. There isn’t therefore a lot of step by step images on this post.

For the curious however, here is a quick breakdown of how I put it all together.

  1. Stamp out and then mask of the gifts.
  2. Mask off a line about half way down leaving the top of the card exposed.
  3. Using a blending tools, brush or other tool to work on some Tim Holtz Distress ink (or ink of your choice) to give the top area a frosty blue feel.
  4. Peel off all of the masks and colour in the gifts with pencils.
  5. Stamp out the sentiment on a spare piece of cardstock.
  6. Matt and layer the main image.
  7. Matt and layer the sentiment and then stick on the card with some foam pads or 3D glue.
  8. You’re done!

I told you it was a quickie :)

Anyway, I hope that you are all managing the run up to Christmas well. Hands up who has done their Christmas cards yet?

I haven’t – hence why I had to make this one quick! Lol.

That’s it for this one. Thank you for reading – I look forward to seeing you next time!

J :)

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Quickie

  1. Lovely card John and one that would definitely catch my eye in a card shop (sorry but needs must occasionally ! ).
    Sometimes quickie cards get you focused and you spend the time you have doing them rather than going through loads of stuff , changing your mind , going through more stuff etc etc etc !
    Again well done


  2. I totally agree with your sentiment. I hate it when children are told they have to be good to get something off Santa. J


  3. What a cool card, John. I’ve not done too much stamping yet as I’m nervous about colouring. I really want to give it a go though. I’ve got a shopping list of craft stuff and on the top I’ve got watercolour pencils, pastels, acrylics and water pens lol


  4. Hi John,

    Fab card from stamps with a magazine. I think you could make something lovely and interesting from just about anything.
    I agree that those who have made their Christmas cards early must be super organised. I always think I’ll do that – next year.
    All the very best.


  5. Hats off to those super organised people who do have their cards made but I’m with you John. I may start on them next week. That will be approx a month before Christmas.
    I do have my box of Christmas crafty stuff out of hiding but I have only taken a piece of card out for a box so far.
    Lovely card and love what you do.


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