Scan N Cut Canvas Update – V3.0

February 1, 2018 — 18 Comments

Some of you may have noticed the overnight outage of Brother Scan N Cut Canvas. This was because the online design quite was getting an overhaul and a new name.

Not much else changed in this update, however, this post will give you a quick overview of what the difference is – clue: it changed its name.

Yup. That was pretty much the only change in this update however it did change the URL for Scan N Cut Canvas which means if you have bookmarked it, you will need to change that bookmark.

The new address is now:

Don’t panic, if you pop the old address into your browser you will receive a message and a link that will take you to the new URL.

Your existing login will still be valid and all of your existing library of designs will still be there.

I have made a quick video to show you the above in case you need it.

Anyway, not much else to tell you on this one so thanks for visiting and I will see you again soon.

Bye for now.

J :)

18 responses to Scan N Cut Canvas Update – V3.0


    Hi John, Ive just downloaded Canvas Workspace v2.1.0. I am using your great Udemy course and learning lots. I am trying to convert an SVG file to fcm to use with the Foil Quill but your instructions are for a different version of Workspace. Each time I try to do it when I click Draw I just get a blank mat on my machine Please can you help me.

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    please could you help ….. I’m finding the new scan n cut canvas strange I have looked on your blog for help you explain that scan n cut canvas is the same as it was JUST the name changed ?? NOP the new scan n cut canvas I got is SO different it’s not got all the tabs along the top so its not easy to use so I don’t

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    John can you tell me if it is possible to do a copy array on canvas, whereby I could create a series of equally spaced lines at an angle. I want to create a flowery grid design.



    Hi Hope you can help I am new to S&C & made a Valentine card I needed a pic of a Cupid so went to Pinterest found one a PNG version copied it to a folder & then then copied & pasted it to my project in Canvas now I can not do that with another Pic & Project have they brought in a new version since about the 12th Feb ?? help I am so confused Barbara



    I have started to download a design tonight and it stopped and said waiting for a response from scan n cut canvas. if i refresh it wants to leave the page. Help



    Thank you John. I’ve now changed my bookmark!

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    Thanks John. Jenny x

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    Thanks for heads up x

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    You iz such an efficient bunny! Thank you for your vigilance and knowing some of us really need to be told that a change of name really is just a change of name.

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    Thanks John.

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    Thank you John for the information, I was shocked when I went to open it this morning. Thought I had not got proper update as apart from the title screen there is no difference that I could find.

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    Thanks for letting us know. xx

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