Fun with Foundation Paper Piecing Part 1 – Free Pattern Available

Another exciting new blog post and video series starting for your today featuring one of my favourite sewing techniques, foundation paper piecing.

There’s even a free pattern to download and use if you want to sew-along with me.

But first, why do I love this technique so much? Well, you know that I get messy when in a creative flurry and don’t always pay attention to the detail however this particular technique ensures that I am spot on with seams and corner points and results in my patchwork looking “spot on” – which is a mojo booster if ever there was one.

If you’ve not heard of foundation paper piecing, it is basically paint-by-numbers for sewing. Stitching directly onto a numbered template, you start with your first piece and add the remaining pieces in sequence, sewing, folding and trimming as required as you work. Simple!

So, what will you expect to see in this series of posts? Well, sewing for starters! Lol. Just kidding.

Basically each week I will be adding a new FREE foundation piecing pattern download to the blog (much like the one shown in the picture above) and also sharing a video of me putting one of the blocks together, along with obligatory waffle. They will start of quite simple with some traditional patchwork blocks but will grow and develop into some more challenging and creative designs as the year progresses.

I would love it if you would join me and so if you would like to sew-along, simply download (the pattern), watch (the video), stitch (your block) and share (in the Facebook Group). Don’t panic, none of that is compulsory, you can of course just download, watch and stitch.

Anyhoo, I’d best serve up this week’s batch of download and video so we can all get started.

Download The Pattern PDF

Download the PDF sheet by clicking on the relevant button below. I’ve given options for UK A4 and US Letter sized paper.

Watch The Video

For more on how this particular pattern comes together, please do have a watch of this short video.

Share Your Creations!

Want to share your foundation paper piecing block success with others that enjoy this hobby too? Please feel free to join my dedicated Facebook group and pop your pictures there. Otherwise, feel free to tag me where-ever you share.

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Ok, that’s it for this one. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again tomorrow.

Best wishes,

John. x

10 thoughts on “Fun with Foundation Paper Piecing Part 1 – Free Pattern Available

  1. Hi John, can you tell me where you got your pressing tool and paper from please. Drawing a serious blank in finding some. Many thanks xx


  2. Your points are perfect John! I love the blocks with the butterflies in the middle.
    Its great to see how you do this, I have sewn for years, mainly clothes and doll clothes but never this kind of art. But my daughter is a quilter (machine and hand) and i will definitely show her your posts every week.
    Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for reminding me how old I am!!! I graduated in 1980 and late 70s and early 80s music are my favorite. And YES I knew that it is 40 years old but I try not to think about it. LOL. Great video by the way. I love FPP.

    Liked by 1 person

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