Canvas Workspace August 2021 Update

Scan N Cut Saturday – Canvas Workspace for PC/MAC Update

An updated version of Canvas Workspace for PC/MAC got released recently. Just the one new feature which I will share with you here.

Short version of this story is that a new “fill page” function has been added to the edit tab which takes a shape, collection of shapes or group of shapes and duplicates it/them enough times to fill the entire cutting mat.

Perfect if you batch make for your crafting or want to create labels for your business.

Anyway, hit play on the video below to find out how.

~ Scan N Cut Online Learning Now Available! ~

Need help mastering the Brother Scan N Cut or its companion software, Canvas Workspace? I have just the thing for you!

I now have two online learning opportunities to really get to grips with these creative tools. For more information on each, just click the button below the image.

Cut, Draw & Scan with Confidence Course

New to the Scan N Cut or had it a while and are not sure that you are getting the most from your machine?

This one is for you?

Mastering Canvas Workspace Course

Mastered the Scan N Cut machine but can’t get to grips with the design software, Canvas Workspace?

This one is for you.

Mastering Canvas Workspace Promo Image

~ Come And Join Me On Facebook! ~

I have recently created a new Facebook group for Scan N Cut users so if you are interested in joining, please do head over to Gentleman Crafter’s Scan N Cut Group.

7 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Canvas Workspace for PC/MAC Update

  1. I have a sheet of gift tags I’ve printed. How do I use Scan to Data to punch out the hanging hole as well as the shape outline?


  2. Great update, I have had it a few times that I wanted to fill out my entire mat and than you are busy for a while. So this is very handy.
    Thank you so much John for your great video, you are such a great teacher.
    Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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