Scan N Cut Saturday – Where To Download Five Full FREE Official Brother Scan N Cut Projects and Ideas Books

Watcha, no tutorial in this one however I am going to save you money AND provide you with inspiration – well, truthfully Brother are however I am still going to tell you where to find it all.

After nipping over to the Scan N Cut site (Europe) this week I discovered that you could download five of the Projects and Ideas books for free with just the click of a button – no registration, no email needed, no payment details – just prod the button on screen and download a PDF version of each of the five books.

Neat eh!? Well, probably not if you don’t have a Scan N Cut but you might get some ideas from them even if you don’t.

Anyhoo, the five books are:

  • Creative Crafts Book, Edition 1.
  • Project and Idea Book 1.
  • Project and Idea Book 2.
  • Project Ideas and Instruction for Scan N Cut DX.
  • Disney Idea Book.

To get them, just hit the big “shut up and take me there” text link below and I will whisk you over to the place you can nab them – officially and for real!


Free books are great for some inspiration however if you feel that you need some more guidance on the basic operations of the machine, please do check out my full “Brother Scan N Cut – Cut, Draw and Scan with Confidence” course on Udemy. It’s crammed with over 14 hours of on-demand video right from setting your Scan N Cut up, all the way through the three key functions of cutting, drawing and scanning on both the CM and DX models and also covers using both versions of Canvas Workspace software too!

Oh, and whilst I am shamelessly plugging things, did you know that I have literally THOUSANDS of SVG cutting files on this very blog? Some are free too! If you are interested in checking them out, please visit the SVG Cutting File Shop Archive.

Ok, that’s about it for this one.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

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18 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Where To Download Five Full FREE Official Brother Scan N Cut Projects and Ideas Books

  1. Thank you so much John for always thinking of us.
    I clicked the ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE ME THERE’ link and downloaded the books and also a cut file (Flamingo Paradise on the same page) not for the flamingos but for the awesome leaves LOL.
    Have a wonderful evening.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi John

    Thanks for the heads up about the SNC free Project books. I clicked on the link as instructed and it does not appear to be working.

    Whilst writing, I was watching your video on cleaning and re-sticking mats recently and I love the idea of using a roller to apply he Pin Flair Stencil Glue. You said “foam” roller but I am having a problem with what you mean – does it have a rough-ish surface or is it smooth (can’t see on the video. Sorry to be dim about it! Please can you give me the brand name and a link to where you got it. Thanks.

    Also, I love your Layout Sketches. Are all those First Edition Pads collected over the years and not previously used or are they currently available from First Edition. I do like their designs but only seem to be able to find a very limited choice on their website – nothing like those you have been using.

    Thanks for everything you do for us. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    Have a great weekend.


    Diana Reynolds


    • Hi Diana,

      Re the roller, think a kitchen sponge but as a roller. I genuinely can’t remember where I got it but there are often packs of the things in the kids craft sections at discount stores.

      Re the paper pads. All of the first edition pads that i am using were bought all in one go when they had a 70% sale a while back so unclear if they were bring generous or retiring the designs.
      You can of course switch them out for other designs.

      Hope this helps.


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