Hey, I Know I Just Got Going Again, But Now I’m Off … Soz!

Lol, well, there’s not a huge amount more to say after that title but I am sure that I will find a way to waffle on for a bit so if you are not too busy, do read on…

Ok, first up, the lovely styled Christmas setting shown in the featured image for this post – it’s not mine. It’s a stock image.

Want another?

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on Pexels.com

I mean, how lovely does that look?

Looks nothing like my home though, lol! That’s part of the reason for this break. A time out to get festive-stuff finished and sent.

Some folk already are. Some folk had it sorted months ago. Well – done – them.

Did you hear the sarcastic eye-roll?

Lol, no, just joking. Definitely well done them for having a plan ahead of time and making it happen. I salute them because no matter what this year of infection and pre-brexit dread has delivered, they are delivering Christmas in whatever shape that will take.

Whether families are celebrating together or in multiple homes via Zoom, it will still happen and no-one will be left out – dagnabbit!

Me? I’m still nowhere near festive-ready. Not by a long shot. I don’t know why. I mean, it comes around the same time every year and I have had – I guess – the same amount of time as everyone else. But somehow I haven’t. Again.

Having spoken to a fair few folk on Facebook, it seems I am not alone. How are you getting on? Ready?

This year I am going to be spending the day on my own – no pity please, it’s definitely through choice. I will be snacking in my bed, then when the snack dust and puff pastry flake pile gets too high, I shall be using the handheld hoover to suck it all from my chest hair and beard and doing it all over again!

Anyway, on that tragic and disgusting note, I’d best get to the point of this post which was to wish you a lovely festive period – don’t get too p*ssed – and to say that although I won’t be blogging now until the new year – I will be kicking things off on a more regular footing again so do keep an eye out for me email/social media posts.

Thanks so much for reading the rubbish that I churn out, and leaving your comments like a trail of fairy dust for me to find the next time I log in, it really does make a difference.

So listen, whatever you plan on doing over the next couple of weeks, please do it with happiness in your heart and the knowledge that we are all in this mess together so lets make it a happy mess.

One more stock photo of a swanky Christmas before I go…? Ok.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

*tuts – I mean, who seriously does ALL of that? Nice decor though (apart from the exposed wires on the ceiling, the plastic fire alarm and random step ladder in the mirror). Looks kinda cozy. Shall we all pop round? I call dibs for first go on Santa’s lap!

Stop it.

Right, all the best and I will see you in the new year!


42 thoughts on “Hey, I Know I Just Got Going Again, But Now I’m Off … Soz!

  1. Hope you have a good Christmas John. I have family spread all over the place that i cannot see, but wish all a hearty, healthy and hopefully better 2021. You do what you want to do, and keep safe and well. This whole time will challenge us all, but will build character, and adaptability in those who do not have it now. Perhaps the younger generations will finally realise what their elders went through in the last century.. God Bless you. Cant wait for your ramblings next year. Marion xx


  2. Hi John youre not the only one, even though everything christmassy craftwise done earlier in year still not written cards, decorations not up yet, craftroom clearup 3/4 done so lounge area still pretty messy! Hubby and grownup kids just look on in despair and use words of encouragement -“well at least you can see the carpet now LOL anyway we’re (i’m getting there) maybe weekend for room deco. Elderly parent finds it very confusing as other sibling very organised and been ready for weeks. ah well have an enjoyable festive time doing what you like and happy New Year to you and your bloggies.


  3. Dear John as far as I am concerned there is no Christmas God willing it will be back next year Love watching you work and words so heres wishing you and every one a HAPPY NEW BETTER YEAR GOD BLESS


    • John
      I have been wanting to find your blog for quite a while . I bought my scan n cut in the spring but other than making a felt Luna rabbit for my great granddaughter I have not had much chance to use it since having spent sometime in Hospital. However I now want to learn more and would love to make some Christmas cards (nativity pop up 3D if possible?)
      Today in desperation I bought some SVGs from the silhouette site but could not open them!!! If you have time to reply can you make some suggestions as to where I’m going wrong.? Also I really want to learn to use canvas work space and I notice you also have videos? On this.
      I love all sorts of crafting and really find it makes me happy to make things particularly if I can share them. However at 86 I’m getting slower at picking things up!!
      Any suggestions you can offer I’d be so grateful. I liked you craft room clear up!!




  4. Hope you enjoyed it all John and the crumbs have all been cleared from every nook and cranny ….. oh er misses. I av same trouble with biscuits. That was my gaff in the pics by the way …… not. When you blogged this I too was festive less and there’s a strong possibility I never got to be. Am I bovvered, do I look bovvered, am I bovvered though. Nope. This year I am gunna be focused on one project at once, gunna get crafty shed no. 2 built in March and gawd blimey, stone the crows I might get stuff finished. Don’t matter if you don’t read this till new year but just wondering if your courses which I brought from …. can’t remember their name, are still all valid for SnC cm900. Still not touched it but 2021 is the year to get it out the box. Wishing you and me a happy new year John.


  5. I’m also not ready John, there wasn’t an other year I was so slow, don’t know why.
    I have to post my local Christmas cards, have wrap my pressents and shop for Christmas diner.
    Decoration are already done, most part did my hubby.
    I didn’t have to do the think work for Christmas diner and the days around Christmas, hubby and my our lovely daughter decided democratically with the two of them LOL what to eat those days and they made it as easy as possible for me.
    No visitors because of my health (and surgery again next year) and the new Corona measures, we have a partial lockdown that goes in today at 00.00 u. and and lasts until at least January 19th.
    But we all make the best of it, more time for crafting LOL
    Thank you so much for all your inspiration during this year, I always love to read and see your posts. Wishing you Happy Holidays and all the best for 2021, especially a good health, see you next year my friend❤️


  6. I hope you have a very relaxing few days John. Maybe that pretty little girl from next door will pop by for a cuddle up. Happy Christmas & here’s to a super new year. 🥂 XXX


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