Happy New Year

Hallo chums! Just popping in to say hi and …


I know 2020 was hard. It was hard for SO MANY reasons. The challenges of being isolated, locked in and loosing friends and loved ones without being able to grieve to the fullest.

It’s difficult for me to offer reassurance as we step into the new year as I am, and have been, in the same boat as you through all of this.

Whilst last year was an uphill battle, let’s not loose sight of the community and friendship that we have as part of our shared love of creativity and lets make that our mutual escape, our bond and our counsellor for the year ahead and lets make 2021 a happy place to be, Ok?

I am personally looking forward to all of the creative plans that I have and to sharing them with you.

So, anyway, to keep this brief – to late – I will simply wish you all the best for whatever is ahead and remind you that you are not alone.

Much love.


23 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi John. Happy New Year to you and to all fellow crafters out there. Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for everyone now we have the rollout of the vaccines. Until then, stay safe everyone. We have to believe we will get off this roundabout of restrictions etc soon..Went for a lovely walk in the snow today with my daughter, it’s the simple things like that which helps to lift the mood, don’t you think? Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year John as I love reading your updates, and as always, thanks for all the inspo, past and future. Kath x

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  2. Happy New Year John. Hope the next one is better for everyone. My new year got off to a great start. I .managed to slip of the bottom stair and break my ankle on the Tuesday before Christmas. I am now forced to lie on the sofa with my leg up and my little pooch on my knee. Life’s a bind!! X


  3. Happy and Healthy New Year to you too John and thankyou for inspiring me through 2020. I look forward to seeing what wonderful creations you have for us in 2021. xxx

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  4. Happy 2021. Like you say it has been a year full of change and ups and downs, and as of today I am redundant but l also believe that sometimes we have to walk this road to get to the better place. 2021 l solemnly hope will be that better road for all of us. Big hugs 💕

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    • Happy New year to you also John, and all the crafting Community, your inspiration iver the months has helped many to get through what will turn out to be an unforgettable year for all the wrong reasons.
      Take care, stay safe and I look forward to what ideas you bring us in 2021 x

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  5. Happy New Year John, lets hope 2021 gets us all back to a bit of normality and you can start thinking about maybe holding some new SnC courses! Fingers crossed. I really enjoyed your previous ones in Bournemouth. In the meantime – stay safe and happy crafting.

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  6. Happy New Year John, there is one thing, if this year is a rough one, it still can’t be as bad as last year. Let’s not let it be. Looking forward to all your new things. Stay safe xx

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  7. Happy New Year John. Hope 2021 is everything we’re all hoping for. Looking forward to your musings, advice and great ideas for us crafty peeps. Keep up the good works.

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  8. All the best John we must all try harder to keep ourselves on an even keel.Hoping this year sees us all have a better year .lots of good wishes your way

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  9. Wishing you a wonderful New Year John. I hope it brings everything that’s good for you.
    Love & hugs, Jackie. X


  10. Hi John, A very Happy New Year to you! What a year that was. Well, this is a new page in a new book and I am sure it will be a better story this year. Hope you got all your crumbs cleared up from the bed!? 🤣 At least it’s getting lighter outside, little by little, which does help the soul to look forward to better things ahead. Looking forward to some of your new crafty things too! Thank goodness for our crafting communities that helped us get through and k ow that they are always there for us! 😘X


    • Happy New Year! This one just has to be better than the last surely.
      Looking forward to seeing more of your makes and ideas to inspire us.
      Take care and stay safe.


    • Hi John, a very happy New Year to you. Certainly hope it will be a better 2021 than 2020 was.
      Look forward reading future blogs & how you are getting along with your gardening & crafting projects.
      Stay safe, keep well. God bless

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