30 Days Of Card Making With Gentleman Crafter

30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

In recent weeks my mojo seems to have fallen out of love with my craft space. They look at each other across the room and I don’t see the spark between them that I used to. Sadly, it’s starting to affect me too.

But what do I do about it…?!

The last time I tried to get them together for a decent making session, this was the result!

Ugh! You can feel the wilting affection just looking at that picture!

So, should I call it a day and kick them both out – forever? Get them couples counselling? Give it time and they’ll probably work it out for themselves? Ask a friend to have a quiet word and figure out why they’re not getting on anymore? Write to an agony aunt – do these even exist anymore? Employ cunning tactics like Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap?

Well, no. None of the above.

This requires – bold italicised text should get this point across – SWIFT AND DECISIVE ACTION!

Yup, that worked.

Right! To kick this negative trend in the butt, and restore the lost love between mojo and craft space I am about to roll up my sleeves and embark on a “just effin do it” daily challenge where I will sit down with mojo and my craft space and we will work through whatever is going on between them and at the end of everyday, throughout July, we will share our progress with you.

I must admit, when I told him this, mojo got up and walked out but I am determined so I have just got him back in, sat him down, given him a nice brew, reminded him of the all of the fun times that he used to have with craft space and explained that this NEEDS to be done and is going to be fun.

He seems to be back on-board. He even gave a small half-smile. There is hope!

Ok, I have no idea how this is going to go. Some of these cards are going to come out Ok, some won’t. I guess that depends on how well I am managing the situation between mojo and craft space. I accept that. That’s my responsibility.

This is not about perfection.

These posts are going to be brief – just a quick pic of the card and a brief explanation. They won’t be the usual in depth chatty nonsense that I usually share but I hope that you understand why this has to be and will enjoy seeing how things are going regardless.

It’s a difficult time for these guys so please do share your support for mojo and craft space as they begin the reconciliation process.

Much love,

J x.

Oh yeah, first card will appear tomorrow – in case that wasn’t clear.


PS, lockdown has not sent me over the edge…

58 thoughts on “30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

  1. Hi John, I am just coming out of my period of lack of mojo now and am finally card making again. I think I just pushed it too far before trying to do orders for people and had to stop. I am enjoying making cards just for friends and family again without pressure. I began by joining a class at my local craft store (though I don’t need classes). I needed the social aspect of crafting. I have also started making cards for a charity organisation I volunteer for to sell at their market. All the money goes to the charity. I found that has helped as well as I can make what I want, when I want and they are grateful for any effort. I found it also helped to start using up kits I had put away and just follow other’s ideas for a while.
    Good luck with the new approach. I look forward to seeing what you produce 🙂
    Love Shazzie

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  2. Think I need to join you John, I am working from home, but going nowhere so in theory have more time to do things and have things to do. But struggling to find the push to make me go into my craft room and do these things.

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  3. Sorry to hear that Mojo and Craft Space have had a bit of a falling out – happens to all of us now and then, I think. I’m looking forward to watching them become friends again. Perhaps they could try getting some inspiration from some SVGs in your Massive SVG Sale and help inspire the rest of us.

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  4. Think my Mojo is unwell, he makes a brief appearance now and again but hasn’t any staying power. Even new toys don’t occupy him for long, think maybe he’s been spoiled and now has so many toys that he can’t make up his mind what to play with. Will watch your progress with interest.

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  5. Hi John,
    This sounds like a plan!
    I guess it’s unsurprising that mojo and crafty space feel like this at the moment… times are tough. However, I think you’re doing the right thing. I wish you all the very best and, hopefully, come August there will be sparks flying again (not literal sparks obviously… that would NOT be good in a craft room).
    Lotsalove, Clare x

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  6. Hi John, so sorry to hear that mojo and craft space aren’t communicating. Hopefully your strong words will give them the impetus needed to produce something gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your first project. X

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  7. John, we all go through tough times when mojo leaves, you just have to coax him back with a little effort of your usual loveliness. Once he sees you’re making an effort, he’ll meet you halfway, as mine did. I tried something new to create a new spark (even though it was a lot of effort with my current mindset). Just be you and all will be well with the world. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that we greatly appreciate your posts. Keep at it and take care x

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  8. Don’t give Mojo and Craft Space too much of a hard time, just like children they can be naughty sometimes. Let them take a break if they need to. Then bang there heads together and tell them to ‘get on with it’ Tx

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  9. I’m in the same boat. Hibbie moaning about all my “stuff” not being touched. Dont know where my mojo went. Hope it returns soon. Good luck with your mojo. Wish you nothing but love and good thoughts.

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    • Sorry to hear that Gloria. Perhaps you’d like to join me in a daily dabble with the craft stash. No pressure, no need to make anything in particular – just wafting craft stash in the face of mojo and hopefully it will reignite the passion.


  10. I’ve had zero craft mojo the past week too thanks to the idiot who ran into the back of my car and wrote it off last Wednesday. Been up to neck in dealing with insurers etc ☹️ All finished, my poor sixteen year old car deemed unrepairable, and I have the settlement payment of just a bit less than s*d all in my account. Definitely need to find a bit of craft enthusiasm to cheer myself up

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  11. I either don’t have time or when I have time I’m not well or no mojo. Not much crafting goes on here I’m afraid, but I love your emails, tutorials etc. Yesterday I did make two cards probably because it is my son’s birthday today so I had to. I also made 3 of your masks and was complimented on the one I was wearing today. Your are such a talented and clever fella I’m sure you can coax them both to work for you. I am looking forward to tomorrows card. I think I will craft along with you. Right I’m off to do a card or a background or something. Take care xx Hazel

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  12. Hi John, think my mojo has been conspiring with yours…. I’m with you to bring them back home where they belong – count me in on the journey and Good Luck, lead the way.

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  13. HI John I was so sorry to hear the news about mojo and the crafty space. I often have this issue too but I use a kit to get them together and it always seems to work. Once the kit is finished I look at it and then start to look at my crafty stash and mojo is raring to go.

    I look forward to the progress.

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  14. Dear John,
    I am sure you will find your mojo again. Telling us means you are committed and hopefully you will find some enjoyment along the way. You are very creative and I have been inspired by all your hard work and dedication. I am sure you have helped lots of people. I have learned a lot from your tutorials.
    Sometimes I find a slight change in direction helps- change of materials, change of environment, change of technique. Just play and see what happens.

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  15. Hi John

    Love the pep talk you gave your mojo. Many of us seem to be in the same position – too much time on our hands instead of too little. Strange how things work out. I am making sure that I try out different things but not always successfully. I am looking forward to following your progress it might give me some inspiration.
    Good Luck!!

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  16. It’s a tough time for inspiration, mojo and enthusiasm. They’ve all been hiding rather a lot lately but yesterday was the last day of my 15 weeks of furlough and today is the first day of my retirement. The name has changed (and the money!) but otherwise it’s all the same! Tomorrow is also a big birthday for me so what better time than now to brush these friends off and get them busy again? I have decided to try and get crafting too so I’ll be interested to follow your journey along with mine. X

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  17. Make you right John, only my distraction has been my garden, looking after lots of veggies, the other thing has been the sun ! My craft room is in the shade most of the day and is quite chilly. The warm sunny garden has been inviting, but now it’s raining, so Christmas cards are my mission. Keep safe and keep crafting.

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  18. Oh dear. Sorry to hear this, but hopefully the ‘just effin do it’ mentality will work. Try to lose yourself in it & see what happens. I’m sure mojo will be back soon. He just needs a kick up the jacksie. Love & best wishes.

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  19. Hi John
    Take it slowly and over the days ahead mojo and craft space will learn to love each other again. Look forward to seeing what is created xx

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  20. Totally agree. No time for crafting until last weekend. I work for the NHS so Easter came and went in a flurry of work – no days off here. So last weekend, when 10 of us should have been away for a healthy weekend of crafting in the wilds of a rented cottage in Derbyshire – cancelled due to the little international gadabout virus – we decided a quick zoom session was in order. Best move ever!! We all started off with a brew and a bite of our fancy and moaned at the lack of mojo. However, 3 hours later we all had at least 2 completed projects and were back in the zone.
    Well done John. Love that you had a decisive talk with more and got the two of them in the same space again. Can’t wait to see the first project tomorrow. You can do it. I’m looking forward to seeing a summertime project- be it summer colours or images. Jx

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  21. Hi John.
    Last weekend was my first crafty weekend since lockdown. Husbands gliding hobby on hold so had to keep him amused !!
    Sat in the craft room blank nothing there, made some flowers and a birthday present tag.
    Sunday came looked at flowers and found a project that could be finished off with them.

    Still no big breakthrough hope your cards inspire my little creative mojo.
    Love and Luck Jan

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