30 Days Of Card Making With Gentleman Crafter

30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

In recent weeks my mojo seems to have fallen out of love with my craft space. They look at each other across the room and I don’t see the spark between them that I used to. Sadly, it’s starting to affect me too.

But what do I do about it…?!

The last time I tried to get them together for a decent making session, this was the result!

Ugh! You can feel the wilting affection just looking at that picture!

So, should I call it a day and kick them both out – forever? Get them couples counselling? Give it time and they’ll probably work it out for themselves? Ask a friend to have a quiet word and figure out why they’re not getting on anymore? Write to an agony aunt – do these even exist anymore? Employ cunning tactics like Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap?

Well, no. None of the above.

This requires – bold italicised text should get this point across – SWIFT AND DECISIVE ACTION!

Yup, that worked.

Right! To kick this negative trend in the butt, and restore the lost love between mojo and craft space I am about to roll up my sleeves and embark on a “just effin do it” daily challenge where I will sit down with mojo and my craft space and we will work through whatever is going on between them and at the end of everyday, throughout July, we will share our progress with you.

I must admit, when I told him this, mojo got up and walked out but I am determined so I have just got him back in, sat him down, given him a nice brew, reminded him of the all of the fun times that he used to have with craft space and explained that this NEEDS to be done and is going to be fun.

He seems to be back on-board. He even gave a small half-smile. There is hope!

Ok, I have no idea how this is going to go. Some of these cards are going to come out Ok, some won’t. I guess that depends on how well I am managing the situation between mojo and craft space. I accept that. That’s my responsibility.

This is not about perfection.

These posts are going to be brief – just a quick pic of the card and a brief explanation. They won’t be the usual in depth chatty nonsense that I usually share but I hope that you understand why this has to be and will enjoy seeing how things are going regardless.

It’s a difficult time for these guys so please do share your support for mojo and craft space as they begin the reconciliation process.

Much love,

J x.

Oh yeah, first card will appear tomorrow – in case that wasn’t clear.


PS, lockdown has not sent me over the edge…

58 thoughts on “30 Days Of Card Making – An Introduction

  1. Why not get your lovely followers to suggest a theme for each day you pick one and we all try to have a go? Might help us all to get our mojo back during these difficult times my suggestion would be ‘windows’

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  2. Hi John,

    I think it is the situation of the country right now, all this lockdown we have gone through has taken it’s toll on us I’m sure now you have given mojo a good talking to and agreed you will work together on this he will get into line and behave……look forward to seeing all your creations. X 🙂

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  3. You and your mojo are not alone! I’m home working and my craft room has become my office so it’s a chore moving everything and it feels less relaxing in there. Someone once suggested to me that I just used what was on my desk to create, as it helps to have less choice and you tidy up as you go – it’s worked for me in the past. Good luck with the reconciliation and don’t give up on a long term and beautiful relationship!!! X

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  4. Oh dear John, I think maybe your mojo and mine have hooked up and ditched us! Gonna have to work gently at getting them back where they belong. Take it easy, don’t stress, it’ll happen, promise xxx

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