Resin, Revisited and Gloriously Glittery Goodies!

The other week I got contacted by a pair of lovely ladies who were eager for me to check out their glitter range.

Pfft, I thought, glitter is glitter, right? Wrong. Why? Well, to explain that I just had to ‘force myself’ to revisit resin and spend some time experimenting.

Fancy seeing what I made?

Well, if you’ve got this far, then it’s likely that you do, which is nice. Thanks!

Ok then, pull up a pew and I’ll tell you me tale.

Let me take you back a wee bit further than the recent conversation with Nicola and Laura from Back to May of this year when I wrote about resin pouring being the new paint pouring in this blog post.

Well, interestingly this was also the catalyst for Nicola and Laura getting in touch with me.

They explained how they had always dreamed of starting their own business and sharing a love for glitter and anything that sparkled and that, in 2017 they decided to take that leap and start their own brand, Just4youonlineUK.

They were most proud to tell me about their range of unique glitter shades and products that had the qualities necessary to be combined with paints, resin and other solvents. For example non bleeding, non sinking, heat resistant and solvent resistant to ensure no loss of sparkle. They also mentioned that they were vegan friendly and cruelty free, which has got to be a bonus for sure.

In just those first two years they have even gone on to offer their worldwide. Awesome achievement, right?

Anyhoo, long story and a good old chat via Skype later and I actually realized just how much sinking glitter had always been a bug bear of mine when it came to working with resin so when they asked if I would like to try some, I jumped at the opportunity. Well, not literally as that would have been pretty scary via Skype.

You know, I really was also curious about what the ladies had said about this being a special kind of glitter. Could there really be different types? Surely if one sank, they all sank?

Only one way to test that theory …. FIIIIIIIIIIGHT! *Thanks to Harry Hill for that joke.

Lol, no, the way to prove it to myself was to give it a go.

So, on the next few pages I have documented the first part of this process and tomorrow I will be uploading a video showing this in that new-fangled moving image format on the YouTube and also revealing the finished results – exciting, right?!

Well, it is for me anyway, lol.

Ok, let’s crack on with part 1, page 1.

First step, collect together stuff.

Glittery stuff, tick!

Tools and personal protection, aka Marigolds, tick!

Time to get mixing.

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6 thoughts on “Resin, Revisited and Gloriously Glittery Goodies!

  1. I have recently bought all my supplies but as yet haven’t had the chance to play, look forward to seeing your end results, thanks for sharing.


  2. Ooooh 24 hours…..hmmm now if that WS eating chocolate and drinking wine it wouldn’t be long enough….but just WAITING????
    Going on…you’ve had a sneaky furtle haven’t you???

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  3. Hi John. Sorry to ‘hijack’ an email. I emailed using the DCE form and got no response. I’ve had my DCE membership removed with no reason. Can you please shed some light? I recently lost my debit card and had to get a new one but I thought my weekly payments were through PP. Im sure I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m devastated. Please help x

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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