Resin, Revisited and Gloriously Glittery Goodies!

August 22, 2019 — 8 Comments

Glittery stuff next so I decanted – posh word – some resin into smaller pots.

Then started mixing in the glittery bits and pigments powders, assigning one pot per ‘effect’.

Eek! Time to start pouring.

*breathes excitedly but not to inhaley as although this stuff has a LOT LESS fumes than other resins I have used, there’s still a few.

FYI, yes, I have opened the windows. Not like last time … but let’s not talk about that.

After pouring a little of the clear resin that I had kept back I chucked in some of the chunky Rebel Glitters from Just4youonlineuk.

Then I pseudo-randomly poured in a mix of other sparkly resin mix and clear resin.

Using a plastic pipette I then ‘fiddled’ with the mix in the mould for far too long. Well, not officially too long but I could have stopped sooner.

Eek! First one poured! Now onto the second…

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8 responses to Resin, Revisited and Gloriously Glittery Goodies!


    Exciting roll on tomorrow x



    Ohhhhh John, looking fab.. Can’t wait to see them tomorrow xx



    I have recently bought all my supplies but as yet haven’t had the chance to play, look forward to seeing your end results, thanks for sharing.



    Ooooh 24 hours…..hmmm now if that WS eating chocolate and drinking wine it wouldn’t be long enough….but just WAITING????
    Going on…you’ve had a sneaky furtle haven’t you???

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    Hi John. Sorry to ‘hijack’ an email. I emailed using the DCE form and got no response. I’ve had my DCE membership removed with no reason. Can you please shed some light? I recently lost my debit card and had to get a new one but I thought my weekly payments were through PP. Im sure I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m devastated. Please help x

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