Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (16)

Plugging The Hole In My Concrete Bowl

I recently treated myself to something a little ‘different’ as I continue to explore new home decor ideas – for when I finish the decorating which still isn’t done.

So, instead of finishing the decorating I decided to have a little play time.

Oh, haven’t told you what I got. I treated myself to a tub of Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading.

Now, I had a quick look around the internet for instructions, and of course checked the tub.

Basically, don’t lob it around as it can irritate the lungs and mix according to the chart on the tub. Fine, can do.

I grabbed a plastic jug from the kitchen, that I won’t be using for food prep anymore, and mixed up a small batch and draped it over a cling film wrapped mug.

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (3)

A little tricky to handle initially but it became a little easier as I worked with it.

After leaving it to dry I ‘knocked’ it off the mug.

The outside was quite nice.

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (2)

Not really convinced about the inside.

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (4)

Hmmm. I’m not convinced about this. Maybe some gold and sparkle will make it nicer…

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (1)

Yeah, no.

Don’t think you can’t make a purse out of a pig’s ear. Time for a rethink.

Rummaging through my brain for examples of successes with clays and pottery and the like a lightbulb went on so I dug out a large two-part clear plastic bauble.

I then used a silicone basting brush to apply a thin layer of olive oil to the inside of one part and the outside of the other.

When mixing up a larger batch of concrete for kneading this time I added a little more water than was advised so that it was more like a slurry or thick casting slip.

This was unceremoniously plopped into the half of the bauble with the olive oil on the inside. I then settled the second part into the first part, pushing it down into the mixture a little way.

I then taped the two parts together while it dried.

The next morning I was ready to reveal the results – had it dried, will it still be sloppy paste?

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (8)

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (9)


Actually much better than I had hoped. The surface was very smooth because of the surface it had been set against. Cool!

I gave this two coats of matt varnish to seal it and then decided that I wanted to apply some gilding leaf to the central recess – but there’s a large air bubble!

Hmm, heavy carvable paste should sort this out so I smeared on a thin layer and let it dry.

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (11)

Then used some fine grit wet/dry sandpaper to rub most of it away again.

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (5)

Even that looks nice.

Right, time to get that metallic leaf on. First, a layer of Pebeo Gilding paste that I left to dry for 15 mins – aren’t I being a good boy actually following the proper instructions, lol!

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (12)

Then it was on with the copper coloured leaf. The excess leaf was brushed off with a soft brush and then I burnished the metal leaf lightly with my finger.

Et voila!

Viva Decor Concrete For Kneading (14)

Ya know, I freakin’ love this! It’s hard to see the texture and glow from the copper in the pictures but this is going to look great in my lounge – when I finally get the decorating done and stop mucking about making stuff.

Oh, did you notice that the air bubble is still there? Well, the plan to fill it didn’t work so I gave up trying to plug the hole in my concrete bowl and just went with it.

Anyhoo, what do you think? Something you’d have a go at?

Many thanks for stopping by again. Look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Ciao for now.

J :)

10 thoughts on “Plugging The Hole In My Concrete Bowl

  1. Hey John, I am sorry to use this forum, but, I purchased some digital downloads from you last Saturday… 6/16/18. My pay pal went thru, I paid the money and the order said pending — it was pending, and never allowed me to download. I sent you a message via the site, and nothing, no response.. and now, the site is gone. What is sad, this was THE VERY FIRST PURCHASE I made of digital downloads of SVG files.. so, the whole thing has basically left me a little gun shy now to pay for a purchase of SVG files elsewhere… I am disappointed. and frustrated at this point. Can you please answer me and at least send back my money?

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  2. Hi the bowl looks great what a clever chappie you are. I was trying to say something funny about the air hole but after reading what I had written I deleted it because it just didn’t sound right! Keep well and keep crafting. Karen X

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  3. Not something I would attempt but I really love what you’ve done. Well done. Keep up the good work!! It’s too nice to be inside decorating!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Whoooooo! Love love love this!
    Saw the kneading stuff on CnC and I was already on your train of thought ! Great minds…or is fools seldom differ? : )
    No pennies just yet but your demo must mean the universe is telling me I need it…doh no pun intended!

    Liked by 1 person

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