A Fairy Tale Book With Display Stand MDF Kit by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter GC

Sentiment In A Book Or Whatever – Can’t Think Of An Actual Title For This Blog Post!

Welcome to the Mixed Media Faux Book With Decorative Stand project gallery!

So, like I said, I took a ‘few’ images. Hope you get to see the detail you want … LOL!

Right! That’s me done. Hope you liked it!

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments. How would you decorate yours?

Many many thanks for your company.

I look forward to sharing more nonsense with you in the near future.

Bye for now.

J :)

14 thoughts on “Sentiment In A Book Or Whatever – Can’t Think Of An Actual Title For This Blog Post!

  1. Wow it’s wonderful and just the type of crafting I adore……plenty of mess during the process before a beautiful creation evolves. I will certainly give it a go or at least a version of it anyway because you have pricked my creative juices and my mind is spinning with ideas. Thank you. Keep on crafting and sharing a very special part of you. Karen x

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  2. Oooh John you had me at Victorian knickers!!
    Lovely and sooo adaptable and something you would have out rather than need to find walk space for etc.
    Wheelybad…yeah…my stash grows whilst waiting for enough spoons… but the days are gone of thinking my spoons should be used on finding the carpet etc first : )

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    • Its frustrating waiting to play with new stash but it feels soooo good when it finally happens. I’m lucky I pay for people to deal with carpet etc so when those couple of hours a month happen I’m free to do it but what state the body is in dictates whether it’s up the table getting messy or laid up with a tray. Its the highlight of my month or so regardless. Hope you get to dabble soon too, wishing some spoons for you and for everyone who struggles with fatigue and/ or pain xxx


  3. Hi John

    Its beautiful, I have the rose stamp, one of my faves. Think it’d make a lovely wedding gift, instead of the sentiment the names of the bride and groom, date, venue etc maybe do wedding theme colours, metallics as colour of rings etc. Please anyone fancying doing that then be my guest… A freebie wedding gift idea! Lots of alpha stamp about or if hand lettering, loads of alcohol or pigment calligraphy or brush markers. Plenty of wedding theme stamps and dies too. Mght do one for my baby bro’s 1st wedding anniversary if the stars align and I find some extra spoons. Love the book and stand John, on my list regardless and if I do one for baby bro I’ll get myself one too. A few more ideas now circulating…

    Doh, rambled again! Anyhoo, John I will share on my mixed media pin board. Hugs to you and all visiting.

    T x

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