SVG Saturday – Free Electronic Cutting File

June 16, 2018 — 19 Comments

A new free electronic cutting file for you, and a temporary change.

Now, I normally send you over to my online digital cutting file store, Digital Craft Emporium, however, this will very soon be undergoing a very large makeover and some exciting changes so, for the time being, the downloads for future SVG Saturday free electronic cutting files will return here to this blog.

Files may be downloaded in a zipped folder. If you need help on ‘unzipping’ these files then you might like to watch this video.

As I mentioned, the store will be going into maintenance mode soon. This will happen on Monday 18th June 2018. This also means that this weekend is the last chance to buy and download the Big Anniversary bundle, containing over 12,000 cutting files, for the bargain price of £15.

If you would like to grab this phenomenal bargain then please take a look at this blog post or visit the store asap.

In the meantime, the free decorative banner SVG electronic cutting file, that is this weeks’ free file, can be downloaded now by clicking on the image below.

SVG Saturday - Decorative Banner Preview

Before I go, I would love to do a blog post in the future featuring your creations using the free cutting files. If you would like to send any images for this then please do send them to digitalcraftemporium [at] gmail [dot] com

Ok, that’s it for this post.

Many thanks for stopping by and I look forward to bringing you more in the near future – as well as news of those exciting changes for the Digital Craft Emporium website.

Bye for now.

J :)

19 responses to SVG Saturday – Free Electronic Cutting File


    Thank you so much John for another wonderful freebie – thank you for your generosity in sharing these….love it…Thanks again

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    Bobbie Czajka June 18, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing this cool banner file.

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    Hi John,
    Eventually successfully purchased the BAAB by talking a pal through it over the phone. Of course now I am eager to go get it onto a USB so I can explore.
    Thanks, look forward to seeing the refurbished site.
    You have been a busy bee of late do please remember to breeeeeeath and contemplate your navel.
    Everyone is so eager to fill every second with screen time that creative cogitation is being squeezed out.

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    What a great file John, thank you so much!

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    Thanks John….will see if can enlist a pal’s help…she has the wonderful advantage of a still at home son who is a IT bod : )

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    Great design, thanks for sharing.

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    exactly what I have literally just been looking for. Love it xx

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    Carole Morgan June 16, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Thank you John. A very useful freebie!

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    Thank you John xx hazel

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    Thanks again for sharing another handy file. I have learned so much from your posts and videos and the prospect of exciting changes to the Digital Craft Emporium is very intriguing. Keep on crafting, John!

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    Hi John

    Will try pull my finger out and make something. Thank you for this download, got a few ideas already. Exciting news re DCE website. Looking forward to see that evolve.

    Gypsy541, welcome to the Go Press! I’ve had a few little goes on mine and I love it.

    Hugs all round, T x

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    Hi John
    I am not at all technical and have looked at your unzipping video. My only net access currently is via my phone which just says ‘ can’t open file.
    Hmmm can I purchase the Anniversary bundle in a format that my phone can handle till I can get it into my laptop? Seems a shame to miss out on it.
    Any help for the untech ?

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    P.S. I gave in and got the Go Press and Foil recently xx

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    Lovely, very handy. xx

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