A Very Virgo Vision In MDF 900x900 Split

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF

I began tentatively dry-brushing them with the sea spray paint again, using a whiter paint to add a little more ‘oomph’.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (14)

Happy, although I wasn’t too keen on the dry brushing between the letters so used the black paint again to cover that up.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (15)

Ok, this is working.

I know I shouldn’t sound so surprised but sometimes you never know until you have committed to a plan of action whether it will or it won’t so I was very pleased that it had. :)

I glued the little MDF ‘stars’ in place and then used some Pebeo Fantasy Prisme to add some sparkle to the star tops.

As I was going to have to leave that to dry for a while I also added some glaze to the lettering and set it to one side.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (17)

Really loved my little stars when they had dried. Domed and swirly. Cool!

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (18)

Making a decision to finish the front – *breathes heavily in and out of brown paper bag – I chose to add a layer of glaze to the front and hopefully this would protect everything and NOT take away any of the colour.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (19)

Waiting for this to dry was almost like being an expectant Father waiting for wifey to give birth – yes, I clearly live in the 1950s! Lol.

Anyhoo, the next day I check on it and YAAAY!

Looks awesome!

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (23)

Turning my attention to what to do with the inside and serendipity popped to my front door and delivered some Stampscapes rubber stamps, some of which were a galaxt design.


To start the decoration I smudged some Brilliance ink over a sheet of white cardstock.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (20)

Whilst waiting for that to dry I also added some Stencil Tack to my acrylic block – the Stampscape stamps are unmounted you see.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (21)

Few bits to let dry so I guess I should have a think about how to tie it all together and finish it off ….


8 thoughts on “A Very Virgo Vision In MDF

  1. My imagination is a bit limited, I can only see what is in front of me now, I can’t visualise it changed, so if I started something, and didn’t like it, I would put it away and probably forget it, where you change it and carry on. It all worked well too. xx

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