A Very Virgo Vision In MDF 900x900 Split

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF

Hey hey my little lovelies, how are you? Well, I hope.

In this blog post, I hope to share with you the thought process behind working together another of the MDF hinged photo frames that I put together and decorated with a personal twist.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you an MDF Design From Concept To Completed Creation in which I shared the design journey for the main body of this project.

I am a Virgo when it comes to the star sign thingy-wotsit. To be honest, if I hadn’t known I probably could have picked myself out from the list of traits that a Virgo is said to have.

It occurred to me therefore that I should celebrate some of those traits when decorating this creation.

Before I got started with the fun stuff, though, I sifted and sorted the hinge bits and glued them together – carefully so that they would still open!

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (1)

I then coated the front and back with a single sheet of cardstock and gave it a coat of chalkboard paint. I chose this specifically as I wanted a ‘tooth’ onto which further paints and stuff would cling.

A few ripped up post-it notes were then used to mask of the lower area – akin to a stellar cloud maybe?

I then used a sea-spray – off-white – coloured paint to splatter on some star formations.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (2)

I then used various colours from a multi-coloured pigment inkpad to add more of a colourful central area to my galactic cluster – that’s not a euphemism by the way.

The technical tool that you see in the next photo is called ‘a cotton bud’. Lol!

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (3)

After a while dabbing randomly I removed the stencil and the sticky masks.

Wasn’t too impressed though as the delineation between black and galactic cluster was too harsh.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (4)

I, therefore, used the cotton bud and brush to soften this area down.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (5)

Then added more splatter stars.

Using some of the black paint I dabbed out some of the central area …

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (6)

… but then I decided I liked it better WITH colour so added that back in.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (7)

Indecisive? Sounding like a Virgo yet? Lol!

Anyway, I looked up the star formation for the Virgo cluster and, choosing one of the various options, used the high tech solution of tracing it from the computer screen and onto a ripped up bit of paper. I then poked holes in that, transferred the star points onto the project using a pencil and then added some large white dots of paint.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (8)

Loving high tech solutions today apparently!

Rummaged my bag o’ alphas and found the right ones to spell out Virgo and stuck them on.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (9)

The black paint was then used to coat them to match the background.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (10)

Hmmm, think my cluster needs more colour, again.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (11)

After finishing the fiddling I thought that it would be cool to ‘raise’ the stars so grabbed a few MDF offcuts and painted the edges black.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (13)

THen laid them out to make sure that they would ‘work’.

A Very Virgo Vision In MDF (12)

Yup, Ok, what to do with the letters.


8 thoughts on “A Very Virgo Vision In MDF

  1. My imagination is a bit limited, I can only see what is in front of me now, I can’t visualise it changed, so if I started something, and didn’t like it, I would put it away and probably forget it, where you change it and carry on. It all worked well too. xx

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