Scan N Cut Saturday – Windows Installable Workspace + New Features

March 24, 2018 — 39 Comments

Well, quite excited about a couple of things today as Brother have released a Windows Installable Version of their Canvas Workspace and have also added a couple of useful extras to that version too.

Last night I went through the whole process of finding it, downloading, installing and taking a look around and also remembered to record that event so, if you’re interested and you’ve got a brew I will happily share that with you.

Before I do though, let me list here my three FAVE things about this installable versions.

  1. We can now use all fonts from our computer DIRECTLY IN Canvas Workspace AND they are editable too!
  2. We can now Snap to grid AND align on X and Y Axis – perfect for designing!
  3. Layers panel – this allows us to quickly reorder and change the draw/cut function for any particular layer!

Also, if you would like to get hold of a Scan N Cut machine, or any of the accessories, why not pop over to Create & Craft TV’s website to check out the full range of goodies.

Ok, pre-amble rambled, here is my exploration – as it happened!

So, anyway, hope you enjoyed that and that you can see the benefits of the update too.

39 responses to Scan N Cut Saturday – Windows Installable Workspace + New Features


    Hi John! I have been a long time follower of your tips and projects and I want to first say thank you and I love everything you share!
    I’m having a problem with ScanNcut Workspace on my iPad. Lately when I go to the scan feature to scan a photo of a design that I have in my photos I use to be able to drag the red dotted lines to focus on only part of the image. Now, for a little while, it won’t let me drag the red dotted lines. Do you happen to know if this is a glitch or if there’s a new trick to doing this? I use to just be able to put my finger to the iPad screen and drag them. Thank you for all you do and for answering people’s questions. Have a great day!

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    Will Brother make a Canvas Workspace desktop version for Apple computer? Please.



    Hi John. I have updated to canvas and have all my fonts. However when I save my project and download it onto my scanncut, the file is not there. What am I doing wrong. I have also updated my scanncut to the latest version (1.813).
    Any help appreciated.


    Alwyn Tilston April 4, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    Not sure I like pc canvas I cannot seem to get my head around it and find online one easier but like idea if more writing fonts in pc one.
    How do you download project to SNC. I just coukd t see how to do it.

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    I have successfully downloaded CanvasWorkspace onto my 10″ Notebook with Windows 7 OS. To be able to use CanvasWorkspace without Internet access is just wonderful,
    Thank you John for putting together the Youtube. Jeanne in Marvellous Melbourne

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    Great video Thanks John



    Thank you John. I guess we have to transfer all our cloud based projects onto our PC version if we want to use them in the future. It will be time to do some weeding !!!

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    Thank you john for sharing your you tube video going to download it know many thanks


    rosemary Stedman March 30, 2018 at 3:19 am

    I installed it and used it tonight with no prior info. I have to admit I liked the older version where I could view my projects, etc. I’m not sure I like this new version yet.

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    Hi John thank you, it looks amazing I haven’t had time to try it as yet but I like what I see.
    Look fforward to seeing your next video tutorial xxx


    Jeanette Hirst March 28, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Hi John it looks amazing, looking forward to your next video thank you


    Wendy Bromilow March 27, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Hi John, many thanks for your help in downloading the new Canvas, however I have downloaded and when the application opens It just keep saying launching and doesn’t open. I am running windows7 and selected this option, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but just the same. If you could give any advice I would really appreciate it
    Wendy x



      Hi Wendy. I have received other comments from Windows 7 despite it being said that it works with that version of the OS. I would suggest contacting Brother support team via the link on the Canvas web page as I am not equipped to provide technical support. If I hear anything I will post it on here. :)



    Thanks John – I looked at this yesterday but I couldn’t find this and that – e.g. weld. Having a look at it with you has made a world of difference. Thank you.



    Ive never used canvas before or designed anything of my own to download to my machine…so I found this quick look very valuable. I will download it to my pc and look forward to your future tutorials on the subject of canvas John. I find your teaching style very clear, simple and easy to follow and thank you so much John for taking the time to show us in layman’s terms and explaining the jargon to someone who isn’t very good on tech things…brilliant!

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    Thanks for this very interesting & informative tutorial. Very much appreciated & will download it in the next day or two & give it a go. Love the thought of having so many fonts to use!!!
    Many thanks again.
    Happy crafting!

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    Interesting I especially like the idea of having all of my fonts to hand I think it will save me time in loading up complete alphabets as a project and trying to manipulate them etc

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    Thanks for this John. I’m off to install it on my pc now. Like Phylliselias, I’d like to know how to access my own projects on this, is it just a case of opening them from your pc documents?

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    Thanks so much, again, John, for a very useful guide. I have installed the new version on the Chrome internet, and kept the older version on the IE version (have them both on my PC, as something works better on one than the other). The new version doesn’t seem to have my own projects on it though, so is there a way I can access them on the new version?

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    I agree with Doreen, hope the Mac version does not take long. Thanks for all the help.

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    Great tutorial John I installed it yesterday but was baffled so had to go back to online version to make my card so this us a great help thank you and looking forward to more.
    Nancyd xx

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    Thanks for this. I have teo machines so dont know which version to download. Any help please?



    Always grateful for the information and the know how.

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    Thank you John for an informing and interesting workshop today. I came home with renewed interest and confidence to restart my relationship with my Scan n Cut!!…Great stuff Thanks again…. Anni

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    Great work John, thank you for let us see on your YouTube channel what and how to do.

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    Thank you John, I’m not tech savvy and still have lots to learn and you help so much – you’re the reason I have a scan n cut x

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    Thanks for all the info, John. Much appreciated. Liz X

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    Thank you John :)

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    Thank you for this John. I’m sure your ongoing tutorials will make things much clearer for us and how fantastic we can use our installed fonts. Amazing ! Looking forward to using it. Take care x

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    Hope Mac version comes soon

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    It has made it much easier to use, I never did get on with it very well online. As for having every font you have on the computer to use, that’s a very handy feature. xx

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