Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit 900x900 Split

Take Risks And Stay Curious – An MDF Design From Concept To Completed Creation

What I didn’t mention earlier in this post is that the reason that I had chosen all of the coppery and black colours was that I had already selected the paper with which I was going to decorate the inside of the box.

It was this glorious steampunk black and orange coloured paper from Graphic 45.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (7)

Measuring and cutting was a breeze as I already knew the outside measurements from earlier and knew that the MDF was 3mm thick.

I wasn’t happy with the white edge of the paper though so I coloured the edge with the black Pebeo pen from the same set that I had used earlier and then dry brushed on some Metallix Lustre.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (11)

Now for some embellishments.

I will admit that I did spend some money rather than rummaging. The reason? I simply wanted some coppery coloured cogs.

After a rummage, of sorts, through the internet, I fell upon this awesome mixed bag of metal gears on Amazon!

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (22)

They did single coloured bags but as I was only going to use a few and may want other colours in the future, I thought that it was more prudent to get the mixed bag.

Now, how to arrange them? Well, I tinkered for a while but nothing worked. Then I remembered the sentiment that I had used on the front of the card – take risks.

So I threw in some cogs, closed the box, jiggled it about and then opened it up. Et Voila!

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (24)

Can’t believe that actually worked! lol!

I glued them all roughly in the places they fell and then added a few more for depth.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (25)

On one of my earlier rummages, I found a bunch of wooden shapes that I wanted to use so I coloured these with the black Pebeo pen. Wasn’t sure which I’d use in the end so I coloured them all.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (29)

As I was colouring I was thinking through what I could do with them and came up with an idea that again followed on from the sentiment on the front of the box.

I first cut away some of the birdcage. Then, recoloured it with the copper coloured Pebeo pen and glued it in place.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (30)

With the mannequin and corners, I created a winged statue that I glued to the top end of the box.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (31)

I then added a couple of extra bits from a set of brads by Teresa Collins, glueing them in place with Pinflair Glue Gel.

Hinged Photo Frame MDF Kit (32)

Looks awesome so far! Well please with this!

Ok, few more bits to sort – the clasp, for starters…


9 thoughts on “Take Risks And Stay Curious – An MDF Design From Concept To Completed Creation

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  2. Loved this project John and I was amazed how it looked at the end. It could be used in so many different ways.

    Hope you add an mdf range to your shop in the future so we can buy them from you.

    You are so talented and we are very lucky that you share this with us so we can learn along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s fabulous John, well done :) I wasn’t sure about one part (the front with the strip of lace) but it really works on the finished article.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is absolutely stunning John, what a masterpiece. I love the journey how you made this from page 1 to 5, thank you so much for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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