Scan N Cut Saturday – Create A Complete Friendship Greeting Card In Brother Scan N Cut Canvas

January 6, 2018 — 18 Comments

The first of the Scan N Cut Saturday video tutorials of 2018 is here, and it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.

In this video tutorial, I will show you through how to design a complete card using Scan N Cut Canvas and then what to do to draw and cut it on the Brother Scan N Cut.

Ready? Ok, let’s go.

The video is obviously based around the Brother Scan N Cut which is available exclusively through Create and Craft TV at the time of writing this post so if you would like to know more, please do head over to the Create and Craft TV website.

I also have quite an archive of blog posts relating to this machine so if you would like to have a look through those, here are a few links for you.

Anyway, once you’ve had a trawl through that lot, do make yourself a brew and settle down for a watch.

Right, many thanks for watching and I will hopefully see you here again next week!

Ciao for now.

J :)

18 responses to Scan N Cut Saturday – Create A Complete Friendship Greeting Card In Brother Scan N Cut Canvas


    took me a little while, with lots of re runs but managed it in the end; thanks John your tutorials teach us so much

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    Thank you John, a lovely finished card. Happy new year. Thanks again.

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    Hi John I look forward to having a go with this card, love it’s simplicity of style. xxx

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    Loved it. learned a lot too. Many,many thanks. Only just found this video.Are there more somewhere please? I love them.

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    Love it! Have also learned more about my machine as well as a neat card. Thanks a million John – oh, and a Very Happy New Year.

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    Really enjoyed this tutorial John … I’ve watched you from the beginning and like the quicker way … To everyone who got lost … Take Johns advice and watch his earlier tuts and you will slip into his way of working … BIG HUGS XXX and happy new year to you xx

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    Brilliant, thanks for easy to follow instructions, learned a lot



    I really couldn’t follow this it was too fast, and I think I’m goin to have to admit defeat with this machine!!!

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      Hey Lynn. Might be an idea to start with my earlier videos that were slower and build up to this one. Also, dont forget that you can pause and rewatch as many times as you need too.
      Dont admit defeat, keep at it.



      Oh no Lynn…you really struggling? Perhaps if you haven’t got to grips with the machine yet. leave working in Canvas for now.
      Gave you managed to cut and draw some if the shapes already in the machine? Have you managed to re-size and group? How about scanning in an image with a definite outline and good contrasting colour to background to cut out?
      Leaving designing aside, the machine s a fab pair of electric scissors.
      What would be helpful to encourage you to have another go?

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    Completely lost John it looks very complicated I would need to watch video on my iPad and try it on my laptop but not sure I could do it but when I get back from my holiday I will certainly give it a go, thanks for inspiration.

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    Woooooh! Thankyou…as clear as a mountain dew pool pm a sun filled day.

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    Some great ideas there John, especially using the shapes and subtract feature…. look forward to trying this 😊

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    Fabulous tutorial John xx

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