Mandala Monday 40 – Free Download To Colour In

September 11, 2017 — 9 Comments

Who’s up for some sacred geometry to colour in?

To get this design, simply right-click on the image and choose ‘Save Image As…’ and save it to your special colouring designs folder. Not got one? Why not get organised and make one to store these lovely designs in?

Anyway, enough organisational nonsense, it’s time to get colouring.

Here is this week’s design.

Mandala Monday 40 Free Download To Colour In


J :)

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9 responses to Mandala Monday 40 – Free Download To Colour In


    Hi John, another lovely Mandala to colour, thank you. Have you done any more since this no.40 as I think I may have missed them if you have.
    Hope you are well xx



    Thank you John for all these lovely Mandalas. I love all your gifts and your videos – keep ’em coming!

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    What a great Mandala again, thank you verry much!

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    Love the colours on your original piece!

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    Hi John, I’m loving this one, it’s very pleasing to look at.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x

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    Many thanks John. Much appreciated.

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    Thank you for these Mandalas as I run a seiner citizen club and they are great for them to use love them

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    Had to get the laptop out. For some reason, the phone isn’t logging me in…….Morning John, Thanks once again. May you never lose your ideas. x

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    Morning! Love our gifts…and so much less work than grinding and colouring ‘sand’ : )

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