Be Free And Embrace The Space

July 23, 2017 — 20 Comments

Feeling a little creative I began forming lots of words …

Hmm, as romantic as the words plop and poop are, and as big as the words serenity and harmony are, they just weren’t quite right.

I finally settled on a very simple ‘be free’ phrase.

Reaching for the Pinflair Glue Gel I began assembling the layers and again applied a coat of white gesso.

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (27)

Time for some floral fluffery I reckon.

Again raiding the stash I found some Tim Holtz metal embellishments. laser cut feathers, brads and some random plastic flowers.

I laid these out to check how they would work in the design.

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (28)

Nice! Happy with that.

I wanted to keep the flowers as they were so removed those and glued down the metallic embellishments, brads and wooden shapes.

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (29)

All of this was again coated in a light layer of white gesso.

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (30)

Time for some colour.

Green acrylic ink was used to give the whole piece a light wash of colour; highlighting certain areas in the background to help the layers above stand out.Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (31)

From this point it was a case of using a variety of coloured inks to dry brush the background and to highlight the features within the main design cluster until I was happy.

The final touch was a stamped face using a free stamp that I got along with an old issue of Craft Stamper Magazine using a teal coloured ink and then edging it with purple inkpads.

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (33)

Now, I will be honest, the ’empty’ background was niggling on my nerves however as a good friend recently told me, ’embrace the space!’ so I called it a day and decided that this particular creation was complete!

Here is a little gallery of images for you to have a nosey around.

So, what do you think?

Good colour choice? Good layout?

What would you have done differently?

Be Free Mixed Media Canvas Creation (1)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one.

See you again tomorrow with more bloggy wafflings.

J )

20 responses to Be Free And Embrace The Space


    Just catching up as I’ve been away. This piece is is brill and your step by steps really break it down. I have wanted to attempt mixed media projects but was unsure how to approach it, this has given me confidence to have a go. Thanks very much John.

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    Hello John, you have given me the inspiration to have a bash, so to speak. I procrastinate and lack confidence. I sit and stare. I feel I change as I go and never end up with what I had in mind initially. Thank you and nice to have you back.

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    I just love the finished artwork, just beautiful. I liked the white version but the bold colours are my favorite.
    Lovely to see you back in blogland, but that you spent your time away stash hunting!

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    Hi John , liked the white base but loved the colour once completed – good advice from friend re embrace the space- it’s the contrast between the space and centre of attention that enhances the whole work-its looking good!
    Good to see you back

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    Hi John, glad to see you back love the creation I did like the gesso version I’m not a bright colour person but I do like your end result.

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    Hi John
    Fabulous art as usual. You are so talented. I love your canvas at all stages and the finished result is perfect. I do like a bit of colour. Be free! X Chris.

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    So happy to see you back, and what a beautiful piece you have created. I love the whole concept, and must have a rummage through my mountain of goodies too – but still I know I couldn’t get anywhere near as lovely a creation as you have done!

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    Hai John, lovely to see you back and see that you are full of idea’s again. Love the way you made the background, that’s one I have to keep in mind. Good colour combination and as you good friend said, embrace the space, it works!

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    Very nice. Liked the background. Amazing use of lace and string. Especially liked your colourful butterfly. Great to have you back. What is gesso?

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    I liked it best at the white and grey stage, but it’s a lovely piece of work.

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    Love it John. An interesting use of bits and bobs. I probably would have stayed with the gessoed look just because I am somewhat conservative. Welcome back

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    Beautiful! Love the idea of using lace and string to create the textured background – I always get stuck knowing where to start.

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    Beautiful John. Must try and be a bit freeer, and have a go at something like this :)

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    Hi John,
    Great to see you back, refreshed and bursting with ideas
    Loved the colours even though I’m going through a monochrome phase at the moment, but I might just add one bit of colour in my next project to see how I feel with it.
    Your change of scenery has done you a power of good. Keep smiling. Karen x

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    Oh for a rummage in your bits box! Ahem I mean fab to see a bit of what you’ve been up to. Any pics of the tasty goodness you found to nibble on whilst out for a nosey? You know, just in case I am in the area and in need of some emergency frivolous calories? I agree with Wheelybad, the ‘white’ tonal version looked interesting and probably even more wondrous in real life when the full depth of the textures could be perceived.
    Great that you are back but….skip please, rather than run headlong into a wall : )

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    Stunning, love it!

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    Hi John

    Glad to read you took in the sites, raided some shops and had a good old crafty play. Hope you feel better for it all!

    You’ve picked one of my favourite colour combinations (I have so much variagated yarn in those colours 😆) but I also really liked the gesso-ed white as the colour of the embellishments had very slightly different tones. I might try something “all white” one of these days as a result.

    Must go, Mister will be back with the shopping soon. Many hugs and best wishes to all

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