Scan It Saturday 6 - Transforming A Hand Drawn Template Into A Cutting File In Brother Scan N Cut Canvas BLOG

Scan It Saturday 6 – Transforming A Hand-Drawn Template Into A Cutting File In Scan N Cut Canvas

Hope you have been practising your Scan N Cut Canvas techniques lately. If not, here is another Scan It Saturday post to entice you into giving it a go.

In a bid to make these posts a little bit more about you than me I decided to use some of your questions to help decide on the topic or technique of the week and then create the tutorials around that.

This week I was contacted by a lovely Facebook friend of mine called Tracey. Tracey wrote:

Hiya John,

I am at my wits end. I am trying to do a project in canvas and I am well confused how to do it.

Any suggestions to help me please?

Grateful of any help.

Tracey also included a picture.

Scan It Saturday 6 - Transforming A Hand Drawn Template Into A Cutting File In Brother Scan N Cut Canvas TRACEY

Right, challenge accepted, off I went.

You can watch the process that I went through in this video.

Ok, fairly simple. Would you have done it the same way?

Do you have any techniques or things that you are stuck with? Why not leave a comment below and I will see if it is something that I could include in a future post.

Many thanks for stopping by.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

J :)

13 thoughts on “Scan It Saturday 6 – Transforming A Hand-Drawn Template Into A Cutting File In Scan N Cut Canvas

  1. To Suzi Sue – thank you so much for the encouragement and I totally understand what you mean! I will try not to get too tense again. Liz X

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  2. Hi John, excellent tutorial as always. I have followed all your tutorials and I’m getting quite good with canvas but I do have one project I am stuck on. I’ve been trying to design an Art Deco frame of approx 5″ x 7″ but it’s just not working for me. It either looks lopsided or distorted. Please can you help.

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  3. Great tutorial thank you, have found many of your other videos incredibly helpful also. Can you help with a peculiarity I have on Canvas please? The blue dots on the edge of a selected item for editing are so large it makes it very difficult to see what I am trying to do! Happy to send screen grabs and further info if you think you may be able to help, I would be incredibly grateful. Thank you, Sal x

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      • Hi John

        Zooming in does help somewhat as they do appear smaller as everything else grows, however it does mean that you cannot see the whole picture which is useful when moving things around.

        I have been working with it but just noticed that they look different on other people’s videos and it really would be easier if mine looked like everyone elses!!

        I didn’t know if there was a quick fix for this and thought that you would be the one to know if so!

        Many thanks for your time


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      • I’m on google Chrome but thinking about it, I’ve only changed from Internet explorer a few weeks ago, which got me thinking. Have compared the two browsers by screen grabbing the identical canvas with basic shape and this is the result:

        From Google Chrome with screen zoom set at 100% as it is for everything I seem to do.

        And this is from Internet Explorer where the screen zoom is set at the standard 150% which is how I always worked.

        In the short term I will use Internet Explorer for scan n cut work so thank you for enabling me to do that, however, if you do have any ideas on how to sort out Google Chrome to be the same then they would be very welcome!

        Thank you so much for your help

        Kind regards


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  4. Hmmmm yeah….even when stuff sounds logical it can be hard …kuz one tiny step can be off a cliff!!!!! but we have to remember folks that this is creativity not life, so while it may get confusing, messy or oopsy…it won’t be fatal : ) and sooo much clever and gorgeous comes from oopsy : )

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  5. That is sound advice! I really don’t understand why I’m so scared as it’s not like I can break anything and I usually love trying new stuff. Ibought my Bro’ when it was first launched and couldn’t wait to get started. I’m sure you’re right and once I take the first couple of step others will follow and I will start to enjoy it. I really do feel like I’m missing out by not utilising Canvas as it seems brilliant so will have to be braver and take tiny steps to get started. Thank you so much for the advice and back-up John. Very much appreciated. Liz X

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  6. Hi John. Another great tutorial for us all. Thanks for showing each step. You make it all look so easy and logical. I love, love, love my Bro’ but haven’t yet braved Canvas and keep putting off trying it out. I’ve had the Rhinestone Kit since it first came out but haven’t even tried that yet as I have to do something on Canvas. I feel excited to try but when I go onto the website I don’t know how to start or what to do. Whatever is wrong with me?!? Thanks again for all your inspiration. Liz X

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