3D Thursday 8 Napkin Ring Made with CoLiDo 3D Printer and Pen (7)

3D Thursday 8 – It’s CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAS, or is it?

Phew! What a week! Defo glad to be home and cracking on with more work.

In the meantime I didn’t get to show you the finished napkin ring that I made with the CoLiDo 3d pen the other day so, guess what I’m showing you in this post…?

First, let me remind you that I was using the CoLiDo 3D pen (the same team that I got the 3D printer from) which is available from Create and Craft TV – here is a little video they made about the pen …

Now, after the other week, when I posted in 3D Thursday 6 – Playtime With The 3D Pen my results from using the 3D pen, I thought that it would be good to combine the 3D Pen with the 3D Printer.

Whilst at the Create and Craft TV studios I also got the theme for this nailed too.

Gentleman Crafter John Bloodworth A Busy Week (4)


Snoozing in between shows apparently.

I therefore created a poinsettia template and used the 3D pen to trace out the petals/leaves – because aren’t poinsettia petals actually leaves …? – and then shaped them as I did for the flowers the other week.

I then designed a thin tube, based on the measurements of a loo roll, in 3D Builder and then set this to print on the CoLiDo 3D printer.

After, it was simply a case of combining together with some pinflair glue gel.


What do you think? Did you think you could achieve this with a 3D pen? Are there any ideas already popping into your heads?

Well, I’ll leave you to cogitate for now and of course many thanks for popping in.

Fancy grabbing a 3D pen for your own craft room? The CoLiDo 3D Pen is, at the time of writing this post, available through Create and Craft TV.

Right, time for me to pop off, ciao for now.

Hopefully see you again soon!

J :)

3 thoughts on “3D Thursday 8 – It’s CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAS, or is it?

  1. Gypsy, I had an unplanned house move so you can imagine the chaos, especially when I add I was moving into a house from which nothing had been removed! I reasoned that I had to get everything straight before crafting but that was taking forever and life without craft is miserable so I just made a space and pulled stuff out of boxes : )
    So Gypsy, no excuse! and John, terrific as usual. Love the Santa snooze.

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  2. I even got mine out of the box and studied it the other day. The trouble is, I’m in the middle of re-vamping my craft room, and didn’t have a big enough space to work in. That’s a good excuse. I bought it when they were first on C&C, but I haven’t actually used it yet. x

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