3D Thursday 4 - 14

3D Thursday 3 – Addressing An Angel

Crumbs, another week gone by? Now if only I could print me some extra days!

In the meantime I will have to settle for printing some fabulous inclusions for projects that I am working on.

Got a cool one to share with you today.

A while back I shared a picture of a pair of wings that I had printed on the CoLiDo Compact machine.

3D Thursday 4 - 15

In red they did look a bit like meat steaks but enough about food already – not even a couple of pictures in and I’m already waffling about food, lol.

Anyway, I took the 3D files into Microsoft 3D Builder and merged them with a figure of a lady that I had recently acquired.

3D Thursday 4 - 2

Eeek! Everything is on show! Time for some toilet paper clothing – after I file down her lady-boobs!

Ok seriously, I never EVER expected to be writing that statement on this blog – PMSL!!!

3D Thursday 4 - 3

Phew! That’s better. The baps are back in the bag.

Ok, while the stitches dry it’s time to work on the background.

I decided to use one of those doily/mandala designs that I had created so stuck it down and then worked around it with the crumpled loo roll technique.

When this layer had dried I then gave the whole thing a coat of Liquitex Acrylic Spray – this is like car paint primer but WAAAAY less stinky and is in fact acrylic paint so works with other acrylic paints – got mine from CASS ART f you are interested, oh and there are loads of colours.

3D Thursday 4 - 5

I then tinkered, splattered and really just made a complete mess until I thought that I couldn’t make any more. Then I let it dry. Then made some more mess and finally let it dry.

Here is is with layer 3 or 4 of mess.

3D Thursday 4 - 6

3D Thursday 4 - 7

The angel then got a similar treatment before and after being stuck to the canvas.

To finish I did some dry brushing with darker tones of paint and also used some Liquid Metals to add a little lustre; then used some Tim Holtz word sticked to create the sentiment stand at the bottom of the image.

3D Thursday 4 - 1

As usual I have prepared a smorgasbord of some close ups for you to have a nose through.

Quite proud of this one. It’s a little like stone with moss that has been cleared and scrubbed. Not bad for mixed mess, I mean mixed media.

Right, much more to crack on with this week as I’ve got more websites to make, old websites to update and some TV shows to be on so I shall bid you a fond farewell, for now.

If you are interested in finding out more about these fabulous machines, why not look out for the shows or head over to Create and Craft TV now.

J x

10 thoughts on “3D Thursday 3 – Addressing An Angel

  1. Brill yet again ! did remind me of Dr. Who, to me the scariest characters ever!
    Yours not as scary though as the sentiment uplifting. stone and moss effect fab.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Siiiiiiiigh! And even more siiiiiiiiigh! See, I knew the 3D printer would be fun and such and eagerly watch the C&C shows etc but very sternly argued that it was a ‘ want’ rather than a need and that it would be a while before arty crafty types really got to exploit it and … and…well then along comes John! Truly artistic and totally justified as medium in its own right and now I will have to save up my baked bean money as my budget is so tight it squeeks!
    Thanks John! : )

    Liked by 1 person

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