All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Meeting Mr May, A Stately Home, Radio Interview, Getting Filthy In Nottinghamshire and Another Visit To Yorkshire

Oddly feel like this week has been a quiet one however I’ve still managed to fit in three days of workshops, a visit to a friend and a radio interview, among other things!

Time for a brew and a catch up I reckon …

All Counties Challenge Header

Meeting Mr May

After leaving Hampshire I decided to pop over and have a catch up with my old mate, and Create and Craft TV star, Nigel May.

He has recently moved to Brighton so it was only a short detour from my planned journey.

We had coffee and had a good old chin wag and then Nigel decided to show me his baubles…


… well, what kind of baubles were you expecting?!

Also, I spied a naughty little botty on the wall … no really.



Anyway, brief visit/chinwag over and it was off up north to Nottinghamshire for my next workshop.

I had arranged to stay at Clumber Park but when I got there I got a bit lost in the dark and creepy woods!


Didn’t see in the dark that I had driven through the estate gates …


… and down a stunning tree lined avenue!


Get me staying at a stately home!

FYI – it was totally foggy for a day or so so all of my pics do seem a little like an early Kate Bush album cover but it’s just nature having it’s way.

No time for hob-nobbing though as I as a radio feature booked on BBC Radio Nottingham to talk about the challenge!

Radio Interview

Arriving at the BBC building we parked as advised and awaited our ‘slot’.


The presenter, Mark Dennison, had asked if we could do the interview in Maisy, no problem!


The interview went well and I got to talk all about the challenge and a little about life on the road.

I think the interview is still available to listen to online via the Radio Nottingham website. I’m at about 2 hours into the three hour show.


You may have noticed a little dirt on Maisy in the earlier photo, that wasn’t the half of it.

Getting Filthy In Nottinghamshire

As we’ve travelled up the country the weather has turned generally damp.

As we hit Nottinghamshire it also become foggy.

Damp roads and wet air generally means one thing  Dirt splays onto cars in tiny drops and sticks with the general result of …


Its a good job I’ve got her booked in for a spa day in January.

In the meantime, the workshops!

The first one was in Carlton On Trent was a fun little Gelli Plate play day.

My venue surprise this time around was that Maisy almost matched the size of the hall!


Inside and it was warm and welcoming and Christmas was all set up and ready to go…


Noticed the curtain fabric? I did!


Very William Morris, which I love!

Anyway, I digress. The workshop needs setting up…


Time to get me some ladies!

Looks like a messy time was had by all.

One highlight was some homebaked cake brought in by one of the group!



Glad that Maisy got prime parking slot as we could do the end of day photo!


Thank you to everyone that came that day, there is at least one missing from this photo … not sure where she went!

Time to pack up and head off on the road again.

Yorkshire again. Yorkshire just seems to be rammed full of crafters.

This was an interesting workshop coming up though…


8 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Meeting Mr May, A Stately Home, Radio Interview, Getting Filthy In Nottinghamshire and Another Visit To Yorkshire

  1. Hugs John.
    Looks like those that didn’t come missed a good time.
    Don’t think that no-shows are your problems. Life gets in the way you don’t know what sprung up in their lives.
    I love what you are doing. Right now I am going through a life changing period as I’m losing my eyesight add that to my ongoing health problems and I have days where I feel overwhelmed. However I refuse to go back to the dark place and do things that strengthen me (my dog helps me get out and about she is a pet not a guide dog but gives me confidence when my progressing loss of sight starts to worry me).
    I wish I could have a scan and cut workshop with you as I’m sure I could do more than I have managed so far.


  2. Merry Christmas John and a huge thank you from me for all your hard work in spreading the ‘word’ about mental health issues and your thoroughly enjoyable posts. As I read today’s post the heavens are releasing their power in the form of a lightening storm and torrential downpours which is giving us some relief from the 38degree temperatures we have been having……it’s a hard life being retired in this sunny country! Enjoy your Christmas break and love and best wishes for a wonderful 2017. Keep on smiling …’s a powerful way to relieve stress/anxiety. Karen x

    Liked by 1 person

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