All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Meeting Mr May, A Stately Home, Radio Interview, Getting Filthy In Nottinghamshire and Another Visit To Yorkshire

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During ouR appearance at Doncaster we had lots and lots of folk as about a visit to Hull. So much so that I booked a special venue.

Something odd happened however and not many of those that had asked for the visit signed up.

I did wonder if this workshop would go ahead and began questioning paying for the venue…

Thankfully just enough came through for the workshops to go ahead.

The venue that had been suggested and selected was the Village Hotel in Hull.


Quite an impressive looking building isn’t it?!

Anyway, I went in and met my liaison and she showed me to the function room that had been provided.

Set up didn’t take long …


… so I had time for some complimentary nibbles!



Later the ladies arrived and we set down to making some MDF creations.

Before long, it was time for lunch. The hotel were providing lunch for this workshop, and what a feast it looked!

There was some hot food too however I forgot to photograph it as I was shoveling it into my mouth.

Stuffed, we continued.

As the day progressed it was clear that we were each going to create something totally unique in style.

The day drew to a close and it was time to say ta-ta to group 1.

A quick yo-yo trip to ‘home’ and it was Day 2 already!

Day 2 was all about the Scan N Cut.

Although eight people had signed up, we ended up with a smaller group, which I guess made the day more personal.

Set up was a bit more tecchy this time as I had a project at my disposal for Scan N Cut Canvas.

We worked our way through various exercises though and made our way to a confident state of using the machines, which was the unified goal.

Lunch was again superb and the snacks went down a treat :)

Right! Time to get this group out to Maisy for their group shot.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Think this has to be one of my favourite group shots as it looks like some promo shot for a BBC docu-drama about a bunch of ladies that are going around the country in a motorhome.

It would probably be called something like – Free Wheeling Women.


Have you any better ideas?

As I packed, or rather jammed, the workshop stuff back into Maisy …


… I did reflect on what had happened and although it was a bit of a shame that all those that had requested this workshop didn’t come, I was very grateful to those that did.

Right, just two more workshops to go before Christmas so it’s back on the road for me and Maisy.

Oh, by the way, Christmas decorations are up …




A total of £24,000 was raised for Mind, the mental health charity.

Thanks to every single person that contributed in their own unique way – you made it happen!

Many thanks for reading and I hoped that you enjoyed this update.

I hope to catch you again soon.

J :)

8 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Meeting Mr May, A Stately Home, Radio Interview, Getting Filthy In Nottinghamshire and Another Visit To Yorkshire

  1. Hugs John.
    Looks like those that didn’t come missed a good time.
    Don’t think that no-shows are your problems. Life gets in the way you don’t know what sprung up in their lives.
    I love what you are doing. Right now I am going through a life changing period as I’m losing my eyesight add that to my ongoing health problems and I have days where I feel overwhelmed. However I refuse to go back to the dark place and do things that strengthen me (my dog helps me get out and about she is a pet not a guide dog but gives me confidence when my progressing loss of sight starts to worry me).
    I wish I could have a scan and cut workshop with you as I’m sure I could do more than I have managed so far.


  2. Merry Christmas John and a huge thank you from me for all your hard work in spreading the ‘word’ about mental health issues and your thoroughly enjoyable posts. As I read today’s post the heavens are releasing their power in the form of a lightening storm and torrential downpours which is giving us some relief from the 38degree temperatures we have been having……it’s a hard life being retired in this sunny country! Enjoy your Christmas break and love and best wishes for a wonderful 2017. Keep on smiling …’s a powerful way to relieve stress/anxiety. Karen x

    Liked by 1 person

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