All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Close Call And A Look Around The Attic

Another workshop done and a real treasure trove found – if you’ve got your reading goggles and brew to hand I shall bring you up to date

All Counties Challenge Header

Just the one workshop this week however it was a landmark one for the challenge as it was the first to be carried out in bonnie Scotland. Fort William to be exact.

Fort William is a small town about two hours drive north of Glasgow.

The drive up presents some pretty awesome views that show the scale of rural life in the highlands.

All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge

For its size Fort William copes with a huge amount of tourists during the summer as it is a junction through which all travellers on Harry Potter tours pass to get to a bridge that was apparently used in the films.

Having not seen ANY of the Potter films, I genuinely had no idea what the draw was but listen, bus loads of tourists were clearly chuffed at visiting the place. If it makes you happy, do it.

I do prefer a more natural phenomenon when it comes to sights of wonder and thanks to the nights drawing in I got to see a glorious sunset over Loch Linne.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Stunning, right? After last week’s news it was certainly uplifting if nothing else.

But listen, I had a workshop to do so couldn’t sit around gawping at natures beauty all of the time so to the workshop it was.

This workshop was being held at The Attic Window on the High Street in Fort William, thanks to Corrine O’Hagan.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Some of the first guests for the day arrived and I immediately fell in love!

All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge

Now that I have distracted you with cuteness, I have to tell you that the planned projects, through my own silly fault, were almost scuppered!

Thankfully everything that I had ordered, late – naughty boy – arrived on the morning of the workshop so we still got to make some wonderful projects with kits supplied by the ever glorious Christine Bell at Pinflair.

Here is one of the projects that we had a go at.

All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge

Cute isn’t it? Really enjoyed this and will look for other ways of using this technique.

Here are the ladies having a go during the day.

All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge
All Counties Craft Challenge

Anyway, the ladies appeared to enjoy the day and we talked our way through a million and one topics before tidying up and saying our goodbyes.

Don’t forget the group shot!

All Counties Craft Challenge

Now, The Attic Window, where this workshop was held is, almost, a one woman creative outlet. I thought that it would be nice therefore if I gave Corinne, the store owner, the chance to tell you about it herself …

What a fab store isn’t it? Fancy a closer look at some of those goodies?

Also this week I got to update the audience at Create & Craft TV via Skype.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Now, when I think back to my youth it was only in sci if movies that people could make video calls wirelessly. Can’t believe that we can now do that AND broadcast it out to everyone’s homes to see too! It really blows my mind!

Sheesh, I think I’m getting old. Lol!

Anyway, time for Maisy and I to pack up and head back down south to get ready for THREE workshops in THREE DIFFERENT counties in ONE week! Think we’re going to earn that challenge title this week…

Right, must dash and grab some supplies.

Hope we you’ve enjoyed this little catch up and will join me again – a little later than usual – next week for more news about the challenge.

Thanks for visiting!

J :)

6 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Close Call And A Look Around The Attic

  1. I really enjoyed the hours spent talking and crafting. We should all spend time that way more often!
    I am also thankful for any time and money spent to improve treatment for mental health.
    Thanks for your creative energy and willingness to share it. Gorgeous photos and well written entries.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi John

    Stunning views indeed, you’re far north enough that if the condition is right you’d see the northern lights. Beautiful place, Scotland. I hope to visit one day! I suppose those Potter fans were in the same space I was in when I went to the “old” Wembley stadium! Love the cute fluffy friend you made. Corinne appears to be a creative dynamo and a very talented one at that, one of those places I’d get lost in! I saw your Skype update , I did wave to say hello!

    You take care of yourself, big virtual hug coming your way, T x


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