14 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge – 3 Month Anniversay

  1. Thank you John for a terrific day on Saturday, the picture is in my twin granddaughters room. It was a lovely day to meet others and share a beautiful peaceful and relaxing day, real therapy. May your journey continue to excite and help you and MIND.


  2. Congratulations John, and Maisie. That sounded like a good time for a few days, and Maisie looks very smart. Hope everything’s going ok. You seem to be doing really well.
    I turned chicken the other day. You are holding a workshop 15 minutes away from me in December, great, but I hesitated, and was lost. Since I had an accident some years ago, I have found it very hard to meet new people, and the hesitation was enough to talk myself out of it. I thought about a one to one, but there isn’t room to park Maisie outside. Never mind, maybe another time. Lots of love. Anne x


      • I must change my mind 20 times over every move, Lol. I’ll have a look and see if it’s still open, but I can’t promise. Thank you.


  3. Good afternoon John, i follow your adventures, and you seem to be having a great time I hope it continues, and that the weather stays fine for you, continue to enjoy yourself looking forward to meeting you when you get to this part of the country,


  4. Not sure if you will receive this comment only second time I have tried and not sure if the first one arrived either๐Ÿ˜„… Would just like to add my congratulations and good wishes on your 3-month anniversary and say well done. I enjoy reading your blog whenever it appears in my emails. I’ve admired your crafting since seeing you demonstrate on Create & Craft.

    Regards JackieG…..


  5. best diary yet, hope we get this new format every week, if it is not too much extra work. Keep up the good work.


  6. Morning John, hope your morning wake-up call wasn’t too loud!
    It has been a pleasure working with you this weekend and we are so pleased that Vitreus Art could be part of your 3 month anniversary – congratulations.

    You and Maisy will always be welcome at Wakefield Country Courtyard so do call in anytime you may be passing.

    Keep positive (easier said than done sometimes, I know) but we wish you well on the rest of your travels and the challenge.
    Do stay in touch.
    All the very best,
    Jenny & Mike
    Vitreus Art


  7. ๐Ÿš Happy 3 month Anniversary! ๐Ÿš

    Maisy looking great after her spa treatment, not surprised she needed a new battery, after all she’s worked almost as hard as you but has not been sustained by the craft fuel that is cake and biccies as you are during your workshops! It’s only right she’s had the camper van equivalent of a trip to Thornton’s!

    Loved the paper cutting, on my must try list for quite a while but never got around to it. The quilled angels are lovely and have a friend in mind to send one too if I can work out how it’s done, I came across my quilting tool yesterday while looking for a craft knife and did think I needed to give that a go again… Now I have the perfect reason!

    Not sure you’ll get a welcome committe like that one everywhere you go!!! What a lovely place to visit and a lovely parking spot too.

    Oh, by the way, been playing with one of the art programme on my tablet that has a symmetry tool and been making mandalas today in homage to your giant ‘tangle.

    I must go, got a spot of catch up on the sky box that I can watch without distraction. Man and dog both asleep finally lol

    A big hug for you John. Wishing you, Maisy and your blog followers a wonderful week,

    T x


  8. Maisy is looking quite smart after her makeover. My little red Citroen also had a battery fault and like Maisy has pepped up thanks to a brand new shiny battery. Happy 3rd Month Anniversary. Can’t wait for your next on-the-road report.


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