19 thoughts on “Your Worst Days Only Last 24 Hours

  1. Hello John, I do hope your well.
    You have worked so hard.
    Now it’s time for you to have a
    little me time.
    Look after yourself.


  2. It does only last 24 hours for a lot off people,but for a lot more it Carey’s on.i think I’ve had one off the worst 3 days .mum was taken into hospital with heart failure then yesterday dad was with the same,hubby told he could lose his job.and I’m disableld and was on morphine all day yesterday.so yes it does only last 24 hours but it also Carey’s on.hope your ok.and enjoying your magical road trip xxxxx


  3. I must remember that when my husband is having a bad day and I am trying to get him through it. My husband my daughter suffer from depression and my son had PTSD after many tours in Iraq and Afganistan. I try and support them but find it hard. My favourite focus is tomorrow is another day and yesterday has gone not to return. Hope you are OK and if your are near Devon would love to meet you X


  4. Dearest John,
    I don’t ‘comment’ very often, and that’s down to a bit of shyness left over from my school days. (anyone saying that I couldn’t possibly even remember my schooldays can see me after school!), but I click to like and I do read every post you make.

    I love this post and wish that my daughter were in a place that I could show her this, but sadly she’s in a dark place and frame of mind right now and I don’t think she’d be open to receiving the message – but I’ll save it for another time.

    I know that you have had, and possibly are still having some miserable times, but I’ll share with you something that my Grandma told me when I was in my teens. She told me to look at the Chimney tops whenever I was out of the house. I thought she was crackers. However, a while later I asked her what this looking at chimney tops thing was all about, she said that when you straighten your back and pull back your shoulders, then raise your head up (to look at chimney tops or anything where you have to lift your chin up and look as if to the tops of trees), and smile – just a little smile, something happened inside the brain which, if you lifted your chin up long enough for the effect to take place, it altered the mood and lifted you of the depth of misery out of the dark mood you might find yourself in.

    I remembered this a couple of years ago and did a bit of looking on the internet and guess what? …. My Grandma wasn’t as crackers as I thought she was! It’s actually true. It apparently releases endorphins which bring on a more pleasant and happier feeling.

    Try it … I did and found it actually worked.

    Sending love and hugs ~ Cobs. x


  5. John,

    The minute you put that thought to “paper” I am thinking your day had turned around.

    Sending sunny warm thoughts from Arizona USA.



  6. so true! hope you’re okay John and not struggling too much. please know we other sufferers are out here and rooting for you even though you may not know us personally! you’re a strong man John and we love you for it! great big hugs for you xx


  7. I just showed this to a lady who also suffers depression at times. She smiled and said “ahhh, I like that”.

    It’s very true, cos after a worst day the next may only be 2℅ better but it’s still better. I know this with both physical and emotional pain. Any progress is still progress ;-)

    I hope John and everyone else is OK. If any is having a tough day, know that I care, that I’m thinking of you and send you a hug and some sunshine to burn those clouds away

    T x


  8. Hi John, Hope you’re ok and things are making progress on your travels. Wishing you a beautiful day. Big hugs xxx


  9. Hope you’re ok John? You are doing a great job with your challenge, I see so many posts now about trying to talk if you can if you are depressed, though I know how hard that can be.x take care eh? X


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