Monthly Colour Challenge – July

Good morning and welcome to this month’s colour challenge.

One of my favourite colour schemes so far!

Remember you can use any brand of colour whether that be card stock, ink pad or paint. The idea is to focus on colour usage rather than stick to a particular range of products.

You are of also welcome to incorporate black and white along with the three key colours.

Ok, so here is this month’s swatch. Feel free to print it out and keep it by your craft desk as a reminder or a prompt.

Distress Ink Linear Blend Swatch - Peacock

If you would like to send me images of what you have made for the end of month challenge gallery then please use the email link at the top of this blog (looks like a little envelope).

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing what you make and I hope you’ll look forward to my efforts too!

See you again soon.

J :)

5 thoughts on “Monthly Colour Challenge – July

  1. Well, you couldn’t have picked a more fabulous colour combination for my first Monthly Colour Challenge attempt. Hope to see you at Doncaster.


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