Monthly Colour Challenge – June Results Gallery

Hey there. Remember at the start of this month I set a little colour challenge?

Well, I am super glad that some of you took part! So, as promised, here is a little gallery of works from you and I…

Just the one entry from you guys this month.

This one comes from Judy Del Perugia. Judy says, ‘I used Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders (Mango Blaze and Golden Mint) to make the background all other colours are from the distress inks in the challenge – apart from the green hessian which I already had in my crafty stash.’

Lovely design and colour choices Judy! :)

I actually managed to catch up with my colour challenge efforts and am happy tosh are this month’s below.








Many thanks to those that took part though – be proud!

If you would like to be involved with the next one, pop back tomorrow for the three colours that will me the challenge for July.

Take care and see you soon.

J :)

4 thoughts on “Monthly Colour Challenge – June Results Gallery

  1. Well done all those who entered. I love all the pieces. I do make some things but no good at photographing them and totally lost when it comes to doing links etc. I am trying in vain to find a helper who can actually show me what to do. The written instructions I find might as well have been in Greek!!! They do say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and in my case they are right. I will continue to admire your lovely work.
    Hugs from Chris x


  2. Hi John

    and Hi Judy! (Soz John, ladies first!) Thank you so much for sharing your art with us Judy, I love how the colour fades into the sentiment – which is a lovely sentiment too, so positive and happy. The little flowers are so perfect, the sentiment and the frame are the star so subtlety was exactly the way to go.

    I’m way to quick to throw half the craft room at a piece so I have the utmost respect for any artist who is able to create beauty from the minimum of materials.

    Your turn John, I recognise the frame with flowers, it like the ones you shared from a recent demo. The flowers look a bit like they’re growing from a window box. The yellows really make them pop. The piece with the secondary stamped butterflies takes it for me cos of the butterflies (!) I love butterflies. The look like they’re flying over a meadow on a hot summers evening. Thanks for sharing them both John.

    Have a super weekend everyone, hugs, T x


  3. The monthly colour challenge shown are beautiful sorry I didn’t take part time ran out, love the little yellow flowers just like sunshine.

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  4. Well done to Judy. Both you and Judy have inspired me to have a go in the July challenge. I won’t be able to use my tiny ink stash as an excuse as i will be going to Doncaster this weekend. I’ll be checking in tomorrow to see what you’ve got planned for us next. Happy end of June (where’s the sun?).


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