All Counties Challenge Diary

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – The Crafty Bunch

Listen, there comes a time when an event deserves it’s own blog post.

That event this time was meeting the crafty bunch at The Crafty Bunch.

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In the last diary post, I introduced you to Sue, owner of the Crafty Bunch in Telford.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Fancy a quick look at some of the goodies in the store?

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

As you can see, things just kept popping into my basket during the workshops.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Anyway, as I mentioned Sue has set me a little challenge and asked me to work with these blank frames and create a workshop around them.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Here is a reminder of what I had created.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

The Friday group were in and ready in no time.

Sue began to seat the ladies and get the teas and coffees flowing.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

As ever it looks very tidy before we started, but also as would be expected, once the group got started they began creating their own variation of the painted frame.

The quiet creativity came. The standing up and debating with themselves came. The tea and coffee came and got drunk. The chatter came.

Ultimately, it was like a normal crafty bunch! lol.

As you saw above, Sue had also been baking and creating and gave us cream teas and lemon drizzle cake, along with all of the other treats!

Sadly, the Friday workshop came to an end but thankfully the sun was still up (we had done an afternoon/evening session) so we could pop out and see Maisy.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Saturday came around a lot quicker than expected and a second group arrived ready for some creative action.

The paint was soon flowing and again, the ladies came up with some stunning variations on the design.

Saturday (and a bit of Friday) had seen some super heavy downpours so it was very fortuetous that it held of for us to get a second group shot with Maisy.

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Now, I wasn’t aware of this however behind the scenes all of the ladies, with Sue as their leader, had been beavering away and holding sample sales, cake sales and had raised some extra cash to add to the challenge total – over £400 extra to be precise – so in total, with the workshop attendances the Crafty Bunch store, and it’s friends, raised over £1,200 for the All Counties Challenge – I was truly flabbergasted!

The surprises weren’t over though. The ladies had also prepared a hamper of goodies for me to take away and use as munchies for future workshops (if they make it that far, hehe).

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary

Seriously though, what a truly generous group they were. I just can’t believe how much they did and will be forever grateful.

Now, before I get all sobby – but in a good way – I had better sign off!

Thank you for reading and thank you again to the Crafty Bunch for being utterly AMAZING!

J :)
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8 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – The Crafty Bunch

  1. It was a wonderful workshop John. Just hope we can arrange for some here in Wales. Take care and keep up the good work !!


  2. Great workshop held by wonderful people who understood your mission and so thoughtfully set events up to help your endeavours by labours of their own. I’m sobby – in a good way – too! Liz X


  3. Hi John

    What a fabulous two days, a fabulous shop (so jealous I live so far away!), a fabulous shop owner and two wonderful groups of crafters, some stunning flowery word frames too.

    I agree absolutely with Kelly, Good people doing good things for others makes me happy too.

    So this time John I’m going to instead of saying how well you done I’m going to say well done to Sue and all her customers at The Crafty Bunch for raising all that extra cash and providing John with the real fuel of creativity (munchy stuff)! Give yourselves a big pat on the back from me cos you all did great :-)

    John, knowing you and the challenge had such an awesome weekend has put a big smile on my face.

    Best wishes to you and Maisie, hope you have a good week.

    Hugs, T x


  4. John it was a pleasure to host your workshop for a couple of days! None of us really knew what to expect (you included!) but we all shared one common goal and that was to raise as much money as possible for MIND. Please crafters of the U.K. get behind John and his challenge and together we can all help him reach his £20,000 target and have heaps of fun along the way! Xxx


  5. We had a super time, it was lovely to meet you John. You are a true gentleman and what you are doing is truly amazing.


  6. Isn’t it great how people do the lovelies things. Stuff like this makes me happy. Good people, doing good things for others. I love the hamper of goodies, so thoughtful and kind. What lovely people, I just wish I lived closer. Thanks ladies, for being so kind xx

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  7. It was a wonderful workshop, thanks to John for his creative advice, and to sue for taking care of us so well xxxx


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