All Counties Craft Challenge – The Kent Weekender

The time officially came when the Kent All Counties Craft group workshop was happening.

I’ve been discussing this workshop with Georgina Ford since December of last year so it was quite an exciting moment when it rushed up to meet us this weekend.

Now, because we had two large groups to entertain I thought that it was important to make sure we were fully stocked on supplies …

Who opened the biscuits already?! *walks away whistling innocently*


Day 1 and the first group arrived and settled very quickly.

Georgina designed the first project of the day; a stunning contemporary mixed media heart.

Whilst absorbed in their first project I got the opportunity for a cheeky selfie and a couple of candid shots of the group at work.

*talks creepily* I see craaaaft peeeeeople…

Looks like some gossip going on with those three … ;)

In the afternoon it was my turn to inspire and I had prepared two projects to give the group ideas but I set them a challenge to make a heart for themselves and one for the person next to them.

Here are my pieces.

All Counties Craft Challenge Kent

All Counties Craft Challenge Kent

Love those quote stamps from Visible Image!

It was a pleasure to see everyone get stuck in and to see all of the different styles that came through in the creations.

As with all workshops the day had to come to an end though.

Due to there being an uneven number in the workshop, one of the hearts was made for me …

All Counties Craft Challenge Kent

How awesome is that?! Think I might find somewhere in Maisy to hang this up.

Speaking of Maisy, it was time to give her her time in the spotlight!

What a fantastic group!

Seeing this picture, I wonder how many people we could squeeze into Maisy …

Something else that was great about the day … 4G super fast internet thanks to this little beauty – every home should have one!

Now, I didn’t know this, but Georgina had planned an evening meal at a very popular nearby venue.

The burgers came highly recommended so I thought that I’d go with that. When the plate arrived my stomach gave a little whimper of fear …

Sorry mate, but get it down you.

One other tradition that I was advised to try was Gypsy Tart.

Having not heard of this before I thought that I’d give it a try …

Oh my word! I need this in my life everyday! This is officially my new favourite pudding!

*pats belly* Good luck processing that lot mate. I’ll see you in a couple of days when you’ve finished.

Oh, before I hit the hay, I have a mixed media workshop next week and whilst the others were working during the day, I had a little browse of Georgina’s pop up shop and found some stencils that I thought would be perfect!

If you like the look of these, or would like to check out more of Georgina’s range, please head over to Designs by Georgina.

More about that as the time comes.

Anyway, time for bed. Got to do it all again tomorrow with a fresh batch of eager creatives.


Sunday’s group were in an at it before I could blink!

I did get the chance for a natter during the day and found out that we had another mixed group of novices and experienced crafters; those that had attended workshops before and those that were first-timers.

The hush of concentration descended as people created their first project with Georgina.

After lunch the group were again challenged to make something for themselves and for their table-neighbour.

Now, how many hearts can you create in a day? Three per person appears to be the going rate; all so different!

I waited in line for the wedding cake, erm, I mean to take a photo of the finished pieces.

Almost there.

Oh! There’s Chris – (at the back) – the challenge’s first male crafter!

I’m there! Here we are! Look at all of that positive love! :)




Love every single one!

We again had an odd number so Hazel created this amazingly bright and inspiring heart for me!

Thank you Hazel!

Tradition dictated that at the end of the day Maisy get her little look in again so out into the sunshine we trotted (squinting at the daylight).

Another fab group!

Now, I have lots of thanks for this weekender.

To Georgina of Designs By Georgina for inviting me to Kent, giving up her bank holiday weekend, and for contributing a good deal of her products.

To Church Farm Hall for the use of their premises and allowing me to rest Maisy overnight in their car park.

To all of those that chose to come and support this challenge. Also for sharing their stories and experiences of mental health difficulties and how they’ve overcome some very difficult situations. It has been very uplifting to share, I really appreciate that.

To Jayne, Chris and Annie for the beautiful card – a very nice surprise and a welcome sentiment :)

To Create & Craft TV for sponsoring this journey.

Last, but not least, my champion of a stomach for enduring the food onslaught and not quitting on me. I love you :)

Right, enough waffle, please remember, I am doing this challenge to raise funds for Mind. For more details on how to contribute (even £1) please click on the banner below.


Anyway, time to get to bed again.

Tomorrow it’s time to move again. This time I’m heading north from Kent to Royston in Hertfordshire.

Thanks to you for reading.

Chat again soon!

J :)


21 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge – The Kent Weekender

  1. What a fab lot of crafters you were working with. They all look so happy and they are a very talented set of 2 groups.
    I love the look of your chips on your dinner plate
    Keep going John
    Love and Light


  2. John

    Are you planning to come anywhere near Swindon and will you be doing any Brother Scan and Cut workshops? How much do you charge for a 1:1 lesson?

    Kind regards



    • Hi Phrynette.
      I’m afraid I don’t know the area well so will have to leave proximity judgement to you as more confirmed venues arise.
      I might (and it’s a big might) be doing a scan n cut workshop later in the year but I do know it’ll be a good distance from Swindon if it does take place.
      At present I don’t have any spaces for one to one workshops I’m afraid.
      Sorry if it all seems like a ‘no’. I’m just a little limited on flexibility on these travels at the mo.
      If more things (workshops/1-2-1s become available) then I’ll announce them here so make sure you subscribe to know about them first.
      J :)


  3. I’ve had crafter’s block for quite awhile but Saturday has made me get the creative juices going! thank you John have fun on the rest of your journey :)


  4. What a lovely day we had, making the hearts, meeting Maisy and off course John, was great to meet you and I wish you all the best in your All counties challenge. Also thankyou to Georgina.


  5. I didn’t realise you were taking crafty photographs John – was so absorbed in what I was doing and enjoying myself!!!! It was a brilliant day shared with lovely people and has really encouraged me to take part in more workshops. Many thanks to both you and Georgina for organising it all and your advice and encouragement. My friend was delighted with her heart and has it hanging up on the wall so she can see it when she wakes up.

    I hope the rest of your challenge goes well and that you and Maisie become a permanent item (really don’t think you will be able to be parted from her at the end of the year). I will be following your travels and events with interest.

    Once again many thanks for a lovely day.



  6. Hiya John

    Glad my lovely Suffolk air and stunning views (from your last post) helped lift your spirits, it looks like the lovely people of Kent lifted those spirits into orbit! Some stunning work on those hearts by all concerned, very inspiring stuff. Those VI quote stamps I need to track down. I have a lot of people in my life who have issues with their mental health and it’d be great to make something with a message of hope- and if not hope something they’d look at and smile to themselves thinking “yup, that’s exactly the sort of daft thing that old git WheelyBad would say”! And I’d have done my job.

    Serious time though, John, you’re doing a brilliant job raising awareness. Your ads on Create and Craft must be reaching a lot of people. I’m sure that seeing you be so open is helping people even before we talk about the challenge so I just want to say I’m proud of you. I’m damn sure those who know you in both a virtual and non virtual sense are damn proud of you too.

    Big hugs, T x


  7. How I wish I could join you all ….you look to be having fun by the bucket load but reading about you workshops and seeing your great photos keeps me smiling throughout the day. You keep smiling cos that is definitely the best medicine going


  8. Hi John
    How do I book onto a workshop. I can see a location on your itinerary page that isn’t sold out, but it’s not in blue type so does that mean it’s unconfirmed ? ….. And if it goes blue I could click on it then to book?
    If I don’t get to meet you, I wish you all the best for this marvellous idea. I hope you smash your target too as Mind is a great charity.
    Crafty hugs


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