All About Colour

Hey my lovelies. How are things? Good I hope.

Listen, I got asked to do some ‘inking’ techniques at a future workshop so I thought I’d have a little play and see what I could come up with.

When most of us think of inking, it’s usually Mr Holtz’ range that we turn to so, not wishing to break any moulds, I did too.

Here is what I came up with.

I was very happy with the result and hope that the workshop peeps will also like it as part of their day.

I used a range of stencils, distress inks, gesso and black pigment ink but to be honest, there really wasn’t much else involved, apart from fun ;)

Here’s a closer look.

As you will see I did also glaze the flowers but that was totally optional and not really about the technique so I may leave this bit out of the workshop.

I genuinely loved how the colours blended with each other and how the gesso acted as a resist. It creates such a surreal and engaging effect.

Hmm, ok, I’d best come up with some more ideas so that we have a bit of variety in the workshop.

Many thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more about the actual workshop in the future when it has happened.

Take care and I’ll see you again soon.

J :)

Oh, ps, do pop back tomorrow evening as I may have a little bit of excitement for you to be involved in.

12 thoughts on “All About Colour

  1. Wow! love the colour combinations and the different effect you achieved, sure your workshop will go down really well with these effects. Good Luck :)


  2. These are lovely John. I wanted to thank you for the files you have produced for us, when you are so busy with the All Counties Challenge.


  3. Thought I left a message but it doesn’t seem to have arrived. Love this card today John. Hope the class like it. I am sure they will. Good luck.


  4. Morning John. This is beautiful and the glaze on the flowers looks fab! Eagerly waiting your Scottish dates :) Have a lovely day. Janette.


  5. Hi John

    I just adore colourful, inky backgrounds. Soon as the chance presents itself that is what I want to do as it’s such fun. Hope things continue going well for you,

    Hugs, T x


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