New Cutting File Set At Digital Craft Emporium

Well my lovelies, being on the road doesn’t stop me designing (a boys still got to earn a living you know) so I’m very pleased to let you know about a new cutting file set that I recently uploaded.

It’s called the ‘Vanilla’ word cutting file collection and contains 130 mix and match words that will help you create just the right sentiment for your Papercraft projects.

cutting file collection preview image

Sorry, this set has now been retired. Please visit my store on Creative Fabrica for the latest offers on SVGs.


The original post has been left in place below for reference purposes only.

sorry it’s just a quickie this time. Will be back with more soon.

J :)

10 thoughts on “New Cutting File Set At Digital Craft Emporium

  1. Hi John, Love reading about your exploits on the road. Hope you can arrange something for Devon. I have a quick question for you (probably a silly one as I am not very good with my Scan n Cut). When you create one of your cutting files of words, would it be at all possible to include the word “and” or at least something so that if a card was for 2 people ie. Son and Daughter in Law or other combinations of 2 people, I could cut the “and” in the same font?. Hope this makes sense.


  2. Thanks John, just starting my SNC journey so looking at all the possibilities and getting really excited! Hope you got my email re the craft challenge ok and more importantly it wasn’t total gibberish! :) Speak soon hopefully, Ruth


  3. John, before I veer off into my plea for help, I just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed following your journey and appreciate the quick little craft share on the rolled beads. I know you are a busy man and I’m sure you probably need to get Maisy juiced up – and maybe yourself – before you set off next, but I have a ScanNCut dilemma I’m trying to help a lady with. She posts on a FB forum for UK ScanNCut users and is going through a mountain (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration) of blades trying to get a clean cut on “intricate” files from Tattered Lace USB 4. She said she has followed Mel’s instruction not to reduce the size and has tried different pressures and blade depths with no success. She tried a second pass, but it chewed up and tore the card. Also, she does spray the back with Stick & Spray. She said the leaves on the rose cut okay, but the more intricate ones don’t. Tonight she tried cutting the rose and the blade snapped as soon as it tried to cut in the intricate part of the file. Any thoughts? Is it possible the files could be a problem or the machine? She’s just ordered 3 more blades, but I think that’s not going to help. Please forgive me if you don’t think this is something I need to bother you with and I’ll understand. It’s just that I luuuuuvvvvv my SNC and can’t bear to see someone struggling. Thanks. Happy Crafting….come to Cambridgeshire!!!


    • This does sound like something isn’t quite right.
      In my experience I have found that decreasing the pressure and blade depth has had more of a positive impact. I know it sounds counter intuitive but what I have been finding, especially on low quality, thick or coated cardstocks is that you’ve got to get the balance just right. The tip of the blade should only just go through the card. If it’s digging into the mat as it turns a sharp corner, this might be one reason why the blade snaps.
      I can’t say if this is the issue or not but blades should last a good few months at the very least so if snapping on each cut, there is something not quite right.


      • Thank you, John. You have confirmed my thoughts as I am still using the same blade after 5 months of abuse … er, em, use … and have found the same result. I shall pass on your thoughts to this lady and I’m confident she can get this resolved. If it is an issue with the machine, Brother is certain to get to the bottom of it. Eagerly awaiting more crafty posts!


      • when Magpie duck stops sitting on eggs she will be dispatched to spread the word. I am afraid that Jemima Puddle Duck is far too old to go travelling especially with her eyesight problems and Charlie can not go as he now guides ducks for Jemima. So it is in hand John!. Mind you in the unlikely event Magpies eggs hatch you might have to wait till they fly the nest.
        PS all three are Call ducks that live in my front garden.


  4. Hi there John this is prob silly thing to ask but if I buy these files for the brother scan and cut how do I get them on to my machine , sorry only add machine. A mouth can you tell. Thanks Julie Sent from my iPhone



    • First, unzip the downloaded folder.
      Then, transfer the folder marked ‘FCM files’ onto a USB stick.
      Finally, insert the USB into your machine and select design to cut.
      The process is outlined in the manual so probably easier to follow that if new to it.


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